Operation Black Mesa hits Greenlight!


Our beloved Operation Black Mesa (Opposing Force: Source) has been put on Greenlight today. Needless to say, we’re counting on you!

Along with the chunks of media we’ll be releasing over the next couple of days, we’ve also just launched our brand new website and community forum.

If you’re as excited as I am, spread the word, share our stuff and vote for us.
Thanks for your support!

  • Uphys
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Sounds good, can’t wait for the media.

Shut up and take my vote :wink:

I voted for it the second I learned it was on Greenlight. Can’t wait for the release!

You shall have my vote.

Voted! Can’t wait for it!

Voted and registered. Who wouldn’t? This is looking awesome!

Hell yes, you got my vote. Can’t wait.

meh… vaporware

just kidding, I voted :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard humors that there’s some troubles within the team, please promise you won’t give up till it’s done T_T also in case I wasn’t drugged yesterday and if I can still recognize flags, then the project leader is from Czech Republic?

We’ve had a couple of drop-outs in the past (due to people being busy; setbacks, which are to be expected in a project of this nature), but it never made us even consider stopping development.
We’re currently looking for talented, qualified individuals to join our development team.

That’s right.

Wow, I’m from Slovakia, this gets double the support now ^_

I wish I was talented and qualified.

You should still apply if you have some work you can show, we’re always happy to look at applications!

So many people from Czech Republic or Slovakia around here. I’m honestly surprised.

Also, I can’t really model anything and stuff, but if you need an extra voice, tell me and I’ll provide a sample. Hopefully a sample that doesn’t start a resonance cascade… :wink:

Lol, yes, Half-Life is quite popular in here, so is Black Mesa widely known.

I just voted, this seems awesome. Something to do until Xen!

I doubt this will come out before BM’s Xen

Dotard: I am from Slovakia too, and I am modeler in OBM and GD
(Uphys, Afterwars, dont freak out, thats me, Paul! :smiley: )

Doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. I guess.

Hm. I don’t have a whole lot to show, but I may just do that. Couldn’t hurt, I guess. I probably won’t be the worst applicant you’ve ever had, so I’ve got that going for me.

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