The Kickstarter Thread

Soullessly shill for other people’s kickstarters, or indulgently self promote your own!

I’ll start with Distance- what looks to be a crazy cross between Need for Speed and Wipeout. Looking very nice with the pre-alpha footage. If I had money to work with, I’d totally back it.

I’m in love

Another crazy ambitious revival of an old game. The fourth Elite game, made by the original creator. They’re asking 1.25 mil pounds for it.

About to put down 30 pounds on Sir, You are Being Hunted on Wednesday after I get my next paycheck. Give me early access as well as the game once it comes out. Wish it included the soundtrack but I’m not putting down $90 for the soundtrack.

Just a few I’m following:

Project Eternity

Leisure Suit Larry

Grim Dawn

The Ouya project

…and of course…

Star Citizen

… found this today, it’s name is Sui Generis, and to be honest, looks pretty damn promising. I hope they succeed, I’d buy that.

Impressive engine. Animations look a little odd, but for this point in development it seems pretty good. Is it supposed to be an RPG in the vein of Baldur’s Gate you think?

That does look pretty nice, although the way the attacks were made me think of a retard trying to handle a sword.

Bloom,an isometric action RPG from Studio Fawn looks interesting.

Agreed, but on your question, I don’t know. Development’s WAY too early for me to say anything. The engine’s pretty impressive though.

Found this (scroll down a little)

It’s understandable, but I think the animations should be changed around as well.

Wow, Sui Generis looks awesome.

Holy crap, Sui Generis is exactly the type of RPG I wish I could make/play. Except in my vision it plays like a third person only Elder Scrolls type gameplay.

So just backed SYaBH, might do the same for Sui Generis when I get my next paycheck.

Personally, I’m more about the technology side of kickstarter.

Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone

Public Lab DIY Spectrometry Kit

There’s also a fuck-ton of Arduino projects on there that catch my interest.

I’d like to point out that Interstellar Marines, which has been mentioned here before, has a kickstarter. For once it’s not even at the goal yet.

Sui Generis might be my spiritual succesor for Diablo if it goes well. I wish I could pledge a bit, but I’m broke :frowning:

^ the only way that’d replace Diablo II for me is if you can summon a horde of minions.

I’m thinking the engine that Sui Generis would fit more with a classic RPG not an ARPG like Diablo. But at the stage it’s at, I can’t be sure.

PS - How about he undead armies in PoE to remind you of D2?

That is 30 active zombies, spirits and skeletons shown. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ I was the proud owner of Uber_Reviver (PvP Summoner Necromancer USEast) up until Diablo III got released. At the max I had a group of around 80 active minions at once, that’s including the revived (which I can utilize with a glitch I had found to make them last longer than 3 minutes).

I’m getting off topic here though, to answer your question, yes, that’s what I’m talking about, that’s provided the minions lives aren’t on timed intervals. :slight_smile:

So in some miracle, Sui Generis got funded. Last I checked it was at like half its goal but somehow (maybe some really large pledger) got over its goal. I’m pretty happy about that.

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