OMG "x" is on sale thread.

Well I just wanted to revive this thread post-scratch because I’ve found something everyone can benefit from.

Over 100 games for only $10 and under, including CoD4 and MW2 for those of you that don’t want to pay full price for the same game.

it ends the 17th and there are lots of good games.

Can I activate the keys on Steam?
I am 90% sure you can, this is where I bought my copy of Half-Life 2 and the key worked on steam, but that was a Steam game to begin with.

Thread below.

ps, that website seems like a rip-off of, logo and all, I wouldn´t trust it, if it seems to good to be true, it provably is

my bad, assumed that was for steam only sales. That thread should be stickied considering all the sales there are everyday.

That’s becasue Game Stop bought out Impulse by Stardock when Stardock decided they didn’t want to become another steam just to distribute their games. in fact Game Stop’s launcher app is still called Impulse.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is on sale on Steam for $7.50 this weekend. Grab it if you don’t have it, it’s an awesome game and well worth the money.

This thread has a better title. It feels like we aren’t allowed to post sales not on Steam in the other thread.

GOG is having a DND sale.

Ermahgerd, Sterm hers Serm ernd Merks ern surrrle FULL SERT.

Impulse is owned by GameStop. It’s their digital distribution platform. Perfectly trustworthy. :wink:

GOG is having an Atari sale. Roller Coaster Tycoon 1,2, and 3 are all on there with all the expansions at a 60% discount. Oh, and there’s The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena too.

Syberia 1&2 for 3.50$ on Steam.

Everybody buy it now, they’re among the best point and click ever made.

I would if it weren’t such a hassle for me to buy anything and I didn’t have so many games already.

Battlefield 3 for $10 starts this Friday. First 500 only.

Skyrim is 40% off for a few days. Might pick it up; I’ve been wanting to play it, but I’m pretty poor and have been insanely short on gaming time lately.

Diablo III 50% off - 2hrs. left

Just for the record, I did buy it, and it’s one of the worst best decisions I’ve made all year. :fffuuu:

Skyrim’s one of those games you aren’t going to enjoy if you expect the game to spoon feed you wonders. requires a forgiving and imaginative outlook

or a crapton of mods.

Several Tomb Raider titles are on sale this weekend. Which, if any, are worth a play?

uh all three imho

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