Five Guys Burger and Fries

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For those of you who haven’t heard, an indie game dev got into a lot of personal shenanigans with her boyfriend at the time and the now ex boyfriend has gone public and the whole thing has turned into a massive shitstorm. A lot of people are claiming that she was using personal shenanigans, particularly the nature of who she was shenaniganing with, to boost positive press for her game.

In a semi-related story, the same game dev drummed up support for her game by calling attention to some supposed harassment in a couple posts on an obscure imageboard and some calls she claimed the members of the imageboard made to her personal phone.

In yet another semi-related story, the same indie dev killed an indiegogo campaign with bad press because she thought it was offensive (and definitely not because she is working on a semi-competing project) and in response /v/ is saving the campaign with thousands of dollars in donations. In turn (but also as a result of all the other crazy shit), everything turned into a hacking/doxxing battle in which the actual parties committing the doxxing aren’t very clear. A lot of people are claiming it’s a false flag, which seems a little fishy to me. Looks like a third party/parties just trying to add to the shirtstorm.

Here’s the massive post by the ex:
The Zoe Post
Here’s the story of the supposed imageboard harassment and phone calls:
Wizardchan collage

Sounds like your classic shitstorm, but what on earth does it have to do with the burger joint?

I think it was some kind of in-joke by people attempting to spread the word and getting shut down. But yeah, “burger and fries” now sounds like cockney rhyming slang to me.

Considering 4chan and /v/ are not coordinated entities it’s possible that the whole hacking this is from someone/a group of people from there but it’s not a combined attack by either of those places. I’ve seen speculation that this is related to the ddosing of PSN and XBL, that the people responsible for that are also adding fuel to the fire of this whole thing, which seems plausible enough. Or it could be Zoe/Phil Fish (who was somehow involved in all of this) faking these hackings to allow themselves to play the victim card.

I don’t know why video games attract so much stuff like this. This whole thing started because Zoe (allegedly) slept with a bunch of people from Kotaku, which does deserve punishment of some sort. Especially for the corruption of the video game journalists that this involved. All in all this whole thing is a convoluted mess with everyone blaming everyone else and no answers at all.

Edit: To the above two posts, as far as I can tell it’s tying in Zoe sleeping with 5 guys at Kotaku with 5 Guys the burger place. Just for fun and probably to get more publicity.

Her ex says in the original post:

The joke kinda just took off from there and it’s become a popular reference.

I recommend reading the entire blogpost, they guy is actually pretty funny and writes well, so it makes the whole thing some parts comedy some parts crippling feels.

With a lot of the hacking I don’t think it was necessarily /v/ involved. For example, yesterday the indiegogo campaign got hacked into and a bunch of junk was posted by someone claiming to be from /v/ and saying that the campaign was shut down. Wouldn’t make any sense for the person to have actually been from /v/ seeing as /v/ has been behind the campaign and the hacker did some stuff like write “/v/” with a capital ‘V’ and say stuff like “I am the head moderator of V and member of Anonymous” and then misquoted Anonymous’s slogan. It could be a false flag within a false flag, but I think that hacking the website did more damage to the campaign than it helped so it’d be a poorly chosen false flag if that’s the case. But the nature of the stupid stuff said while the campaign was hacked feels kind of like the kind of bait /v/ would post if they were to do such a thing or if an individual from /v/ were to.

Phil fish got involved because he went to twitter throwing a temper tantrum in defense of the indie dev. Then they both got doxxed supposedly via a vulnerability in their dropbox accounts. People are suggesting that Phil Fish himself staged the hack for attention because when his website was hacked the information released was suspicious (massive document that was created several hours before the hack occurred) among other things. I personally think that’s a little far fetched, but who knows.

its just another gaming scandal pertaining to journalism, surprising no one that reviewers and writers are being bribed to support certain products

its just more proof that journalism industry is just full of shady business deals

also this scandal gained even more attention when infamous figures like Phil Fish and SJW Anita seemed to be in support for zoe

InternetAristocrat gives his opinion and insight

People care too much about irrelevant attention seekers.

Well people should care, since if game “journalists” are accepting sex for good review scores/more publicity for the game then that’s a big flaw that needs to be looked into. There’s already allegations of bribes as well. It’s not just that the events happened, but that they show how corrupt the entire thing is. If you had indie movie makers sleeping with movie critics to give their shitty $1000 movie filmed on a cell phone good reviews I can guarantee you that would be nipped in the bud pretty quickly, but the video game industry gets away with tons of shit that would be unacceptable in other industries.

For me it’s not so much about gaming journalism. Gaming journalism is and always has been shite. Online communities like this one and smaller independent youtube channels are more than enough access to gaming information for me anyway. For me it’s about the “social justice” movement. It’s just a bunch of self-centered self-righteous and entitled people running an obnoxious self-serving movement under the guise of “social justice”. They’re packing their own wallets and creating a massive circlejerk where they all feel good about themselves and smug, and anyone who criticizes them for hypocricy, conflicts of interests or downright inaccuracies is torn apart for criticizing “feminism” or some other buzzword. It’s a serious and obnoxious cultural movement for this generation. It’s important to call them all their bullshit, and their recent successful movement to take much of gaming journalism hostage is a good area to start, and Zoe Quinn’s shenanigans a perfect place to start.

Whelp that makes me feel slightly better with my girl drama. :frowning:

More info on what’s up

Indiegogo project page back up

Judging from the comments, the really funny and I think really positive result of this whole shitstorm is it could actually really help sincere female gamers and game developers get into the community. If the current largely male community unites with women who want to be sincere and respectable members of the community (read: the vast majority) to vilify the SJW movement it could really do a lot to bring those women in.

Lets all tear down SJW’s in the name of women in gaming!

So someone dated a slut and she started slutting and then there was sadness and shit

Is this correct?

Yeah but the point is corruption of the industry. Otherwise it’s just screaming over stupid shit.

Good thing the Internet doesn’t have the tradition of screaming over stupid shit.

I’ve heard Five Guys Burgers are pretty good though.

I’ve got one within walking distance and they ARE pretty good. I don’t usually go because I’m a cheap-ass. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they are. Good fries as well.

Do only five guys work there?

Five Guys is OK at best. I have had much better at a variety of places. They are great if all you east is fast food, but I still prefer Smash Burger over Five Guys.

I’ll have to try that restaurant at some point.

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