What Game Did You Play Today?

IT’S BACK. The lovely discussion thread about contemporary and retrogaming.
Post what video game you’ve played today, along with your impressions.

I’ve been playing a few games lately-

Infinite Undiscovery
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Counter Strike: Source

Assassin’s Creed 1.

Replaying the series on PC with a 360 controller this time.

World of Tanks
it’s shit

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - still a good game

Civ 3

Fuck this is weird.

Nothing yet, I’m at school, but I can tell you what I will be playing tomorrow.

There’s gonna be such a wave of BLACK MESA itt tomorrow

Half Life…Surface Tension. Probably my favourite level.

Binding Of Isaac (6 Achievements to go!)[/SIZE]
League Of Legends

Maybe some Dark Souls soon.

Guild Wars 2 - Awesome
Team Fortress 2 - Also awesome

Hm lets see, lately I played:
Bioshock 2
Minecraft (PC version)
Halo: Reach
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

And tomorrow?
Black Mesa
Black Mesa
Black Mesa…

Minecraft, it seems that’s what I usually play nowadays. Black Mesa all night tomorrow tho :smiley:

I was betatesting a game for my company all day at work, tedious process. that’s basically all i’ve played today.

I played Left 4 Dead 2 and I got the Chaos Generator Achievement!

Batman arkham city
Half life
Opposing force
Blue Shift
Diablo 3
Fallout NV

Oooh, how I yearn for a courier to appear and take away my power supply so I can get a new one.
Team Fortress 2 will occur though, and Atom Zombie Smasher has.

believe it dark souls - pc.
capped the fat man and kitty cat last night first time round. boo yah.

The Walking dead and Minecraft, loving the walking dead : )

Fallout: New Vegas. The Lonesome Road DLC was really excellent (although Ulysses was not a very strong character, in my opinion. Overwritten and overacted).

I found it a bit dissapointing tbh, that dlc I mean. It was delayed and it was talked about in previous DLCs and it was supposed to be awesome and I´m not saying it was bad, it was just ok, and that´s the problem. I absolutely loved dead money and old world blues though. Honest hearts was just plain bad.

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