Using Official BM Soundtrack in Singleplayer Mod

Are we allowed to use that amazing album in our workshop mode? I believe we can do it by giving a proper credit to artist (in this case, Joel Nielsen), but i wanted to ask anyways. Don’t want to violate any kind of copyright license.

Edit: Also i want to know about using another copyrighted soundtrack. Just for the atmosphere. For example: using Doom 2016 OST in action sequences. Or Titanic soundtrack in a death scene and etc.

Blasting “My Heart Will Go On” while scientists are being murdered?! Please. This is something I want to see.’
As for your question, you can use the in-game soundtrack for sure. I’ve seen plenty of others use it and I assume it’s because you’re not making money off your project and it’s made for the same game that the soundtrack is created for.
Not sure about other music though.

I may consider adding this as one of “spoiler trailers” lol :smiley: i don’t think i can use other musics, too.

Thanks for the reply1 :slight_smile:

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