Hi i am stuck, in the old game it was just a switch to get lift working but in this game there is a security enclosure i cant get into. there is an air duct but i cant get into it, its too small…

Please help…

You need to look to the left of where you took that screenshot, there should be some green crates you can duck jump onto. From there, you can get to an air duct that leads to the security office.

perfect thanks, i dint try the crouch jump, ill have to remember that move :slight_smile:

Yup. A lot of the time, the devs actually go out of their way to call attention to where you need to go. Flickering lights, sparks, and in this case, a teleporting headcrab all serve to draw your attention to what you really need to do.

It’s almost Valve-like.

I just started playing and cannot for the life of me, find the darn crowbar. Not that fun just following the guard around watching him shoot things.

Keep playing… it is normal.

Fun fact: On my second playthrough I managed to acquire the Glock a few minutes before the crowbar.
It was really weird because I thought the guard was invincible.

Don’t worry and do what Sersoft said. After that you’ll have the whole game to shoot things yourself.

It has been moved, but if you continue forward, there is literally no way to miss it.

I just don’t manage to climb/jump up the crates. I have seen speed runs that climb these crates in seconds. The only thing I managed was to get a barrel in front of the first “stair” crates and get onto the first crate.

I had problems with jumping all along, it seems I cannot jump high enough. But this time I am really stuck, i tried for 15 minutes to jump any crate without success :frowning:

Found the solution. I have to press space, forward and then ctrl for crouch jump. The I can get up easily. Why I have to crouch jump to get up I have no idea…

Well I’m glad I visited the forums to see this chain of postings. I was having trouble in most every spot that’s been talked about here.

I take it this “crouch jump” thing is a glitch. Talk about annoying, it seems Gordon’s jump legs don’t work very well without a perfectly timed crouch inserted into the equation.

I wasted probably 15 or 20 minutes trying to run and jump up onto barrels and everything. Hope they can fix this in the future, I’m fully expecting there to be plenty of glitches and even points to get stuck in with no way out but this is a central part of game mechanics that needs attention.

The crouch jump is actually a feature, but I agree that it needs more tweaking. In my opinion crouch jumps should be about reaching high platforms or getting through tight spaces like vents or windows, not for 97% of the jumps in the entire game.

Agreed %100

Its kinda ridiculous to be crouch jumping ALL the time with plenty of headroom over you.

I would have to agree. Having never played HL1 (a bit before my time), I was not at all used to crouch-jumping, as I never had to use the feature in HL2 or the Portal games. At first I thought I was doing it right but it just wouldn’t seem to respond. I was stuck for almost ten minutes at the large cargo lift trying to get up to the vent. I was almost looking forward to the Great Headcrab Onslaught at that point… but eventually I started to feel better about it.

What I would recommend is practicing in a storage room or something until you feel like you can crouch-jump with relative ease.

That’s not true. There were plenty of puzzles that if you did the “right” way you had to lift your legs in both Portal games (I specifically remember a “CTRL to lift legs in midair” hint), and there’s a lot of crouch-jumping involved in HL2 as well.

Well, I don’t claim to have done every HL2 segment the “right” way (early in the game where you had to stack cinderblocks on one side of a ramp so you could jump to an area too high to reach, I just took the cinderblocks and stacked them up until I could jump up normally), but I literally NEVER had to crouch-jump in HL2 or the Portal games. What I’m saying is, it can be tough to get used to, but a chapter and a half in, you start to get it right.

I’m so used to crouch jumping it was actually kinda jarring when I couldn’t crouch jump over the fences in Portal 2. I had to gasp walk around them.

Alrighty, folks. Back on topic. This is about getting stuck in the Unforeseen Consequences chapter, not crouch-jumping in general. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey, I just started playing through Unforeseen Consequences. I got to the part where the scientist opens up the security station so you can obtain the pistol. After that, I turned the switch on the red pipe until the light goes out in order to open up the door on the lower floor, but then when I backtrack to that door, it’s still locked. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong at this point, as I’ve done it three times with no success.

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