The Rise and Fall of Half-Life by GVMERS

6:30 Well, I doubt it’s Gordon’s first day at work.
20:44 It looks so “familiar”
Anyway nice video and narration.

Watched this last night and it’s a pretty solid summary. Also I challenge anyone to watch this and not draw comparisons to the Black Mesa development. It’s almost like it’s intentionally done to remake not just the game, but the whole experience to boot.

I think we basically have heard thru the grapevine here and there, that valve simply doesnt have anyone working on a half life 3.

Honestly, my last hope for a new Half-Life is the full launch of Black Mesa. Maybe Valve would just quietly turn the launch into a Orange Box 2.0 with Left 4 Dead 3, Half-Life 3, Black Mesa, etc.

Call it the “3” box.

But that’ll never happen. tears

Could be RedBox, based on new Valve’s color theme, changed recently.

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