The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Here’s that Skyrim thread again. Just for general purpose Skyrimming, be it mods or screenshots or game discussion or whatever.

If you’ve not played, you might want to avoid this topic:


But not encouraged. If you can say something without spoiling it, then please don’t spoil it. If you are talking about something pertaining to spoilers, well, no biggie. This thread assumes that you’ve already played the parts of the game you don’t want spoiled.

So to start: Hearthfire is amazing.

Just got it, and this game is amazing. I’ve got a Khajiit light armor/destruction character and I’ve been playing whenever I find the time.

I don’t even have any mods yet, or any of the DLC. I’m probably gonna go crazy when I start picking out mods to use.

I made a new character and speed-leveled to 90 in smithing in the first few hours I played… Was pretty hard due to smithing being nerfed in a patch.

Also, Dev Azeza! This mod is awesomesauce, an airship which can fly and is also a playerhome? I love it.

I LURVE SKYRIM! I honestly was not expecting to like it so much. I just got Hearthfire from a friend - all I need now is to get Dawnguard, but alas, it’s so expensive. I’m level 50 and I still haven’t even join a side…

And I think I own like 10 different houses around Skyrim, and most of them are mods. What can I say? The place is nice! :smiley:

I am thinking of going with the Lakeside Manor in Hearthfire. I didn’t want to adopt any kids (hate 'em), but I am thinking now maybe I can adopt some chump and get Stenvar to train him to become A MANLY WARRIOR!! True Nord, simple as that!

In all honestly, size for size, I got more enjoyment out of hearthfire, which is a little embarrassing I suppose being male and house building and decorating instead of slaying beasts… and… stuff. Never adopted kids though. It was kinda sad, moving all my stuff out of breezehome and leaving it all empty. On the flip side, Lydia is happy now that she is a steward and has something to do other than creepily eat bread, and is no longer grumpily asking if I “NEED SOMETHING(:hmph :slight_smile: ?” every time I walk in the door now.

I did love dawnguard though, Highly recommend it. It also adds stuff that isn’t specifically related to dawnguard or any quest in particular, so that was nice.

Hahaha, I killed Lydia off I think… Yeah, I did. I killed her and t he lady you get bundled with Honeyside after I found them getting too close to Stenvar. Told them to follow me, went all the way to a forgotten iceberg in the Sea of Ghosts, and whacked them silly with my sword. Then bumped the bodies in the sea :evil:

I’ve heard she really likes bread, indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m excited about Hearthfire, although I’m not so sure about gathering all the materials around. I also hate stewards, so I wonder if I’ll have to kill even more people to keep all these wenches away from my husbando…

And yeah, I’d love to get Dawnguard eventually, but dang, so pricey… Hope it goes on big sale at some point!

I did as well. I had no idea who she was when I first bought my house, so when I went inside I saw this random woman standing around my home, scared the shit out of me, so I just killed her right there on the spot.

Also, on the topic of DLC I haven’t bothered with any of them yet, I barely actually play any more. I’ve been meaning to get around to it, but for some reason I decided to always record when I play, and I only sometimes feel like doing that.

I think Lydia might be dead. I took her into Blackreach but her path finding was fucking driving me crazy. What’s the point in having a follower who only turns up 20 minutes after I’ve killed everything? Coward!
So I told her to fuck off. But she never made it back to Breezeholm, so I assume she died on the way…like all my other followers. I think the only one I have left alive is in Windhelm and that’s only because I’ve stopped asking people to follow me. Then never actually die when they’re with me, they just never make it home alive after I dismiss them.

I have about 100 hours gameplay and there’s really nothing left to do. I don’t have danwguard yet and I don’t know if I’ll bother getting it. This is mainly because I an finding it hard to level above 50something. Using any magic is impractical at this level due to it all being so shit. I’d have to use a dozen fireballs to take down a target, which just isn’t practical and therefore it just wont get levelled. Sure, I could spend an hour blasting the prisoners in my dark brotherhood torture chamber, but that’s really, really boring.

Any tips on levelling above the 50s?

It was $9 on Steam a week ago in a sale. But I’d just bought Shogun 2, so I didn’t really have the cash to buy anything else.

Yeah, I just ditched Lydia in Breezehome. She wasn’t that annoying, but she kept on running in front of me and getting killed by my destruction spells. It was more trouble than it was worth.

I’ve been meaning to get a better place than Breezehome, solely so I’ll some mannequins to put my armor on. I have this set of leather armor that I smithed and enchanted myself and I’m rather attached to it.

And of course I missed it. Well, not like I had 9 bucks on hand anyway… :frowning:

I have a mod that adds three mannequins to Breezehome. I put some cool stuff I had in them. They look great!

Oh, cool, thanks Jokerine. I’m gonna have to grab that mod.

Mannequins are creepy bastards.

So what race/class do you guys play?

I’ve got a Khajiit fire mage (with light armor), since I was intending to do a stealth/archery build but found burning things to be way more fun.

Played a melee type of thing, using two maces first, then switched to one mace and one shield.

The latter (tank) is probably the class-combo I had the most fun with (played a mage, as well) - charging into a horde of enemies and not dying in the process is just a very satisfying ‘adventure’, imho.

I’m playing a Nord.

I boosted my Enchanting/Smithing/Alchemy to 100, so I could make the most over powered armor and weapons I could. I’m having some help from a few mods (Unrestricted enchanting) but I can two hit an ancient dragon without sneaking with a bow.

Some people might think that playing Skyrim where you can kill everything except the boss creatures in one hit would be boring.

Some people are wrong.

I’m playing a Nord too, but I’ve maxed out one-handed, heavy armor and destruction, and worked on archery and sneak as well. I’m training my restoration at the moment. It’s amazing fun :stuck_out_tongue: Now I’m going more laid-back though, and I’m gonna start training on alchemy - I just finished putting a few more things in the Alchemist’s Shack, and I’ll do some mixin’ there to see what I come up with.

What I never ever got into was enchanting, for some reason. I feel it’s boring. Same with light armor - true Nords go around sheathed in awfully heavy metals!

I already one-shot people with destruction, and I’m using the lowest-cost spell in the game…


My mind is corrupted.

Wha? I get a free hand that I can use to spam mah fireballs, or fast healing while I hack people with my cool ebony sword :meh:

Oh, by the way: [COLOR=‘DarkRed’]Spoiler alert! :meh:

*Forgot to mention that I played an assassin type of character, as well.

*Story wise, it was probably the most interesting character to play - with all the Brotherhood’s business going about and so forth.

If I am ever going to play the game again, I’d definitely take a look at a full archery + sneaking spec, but for now, I’ve got other things in mind…

What mod are you using? I know for a fact that you cannot raise the damage of your spells that high using normal means.

Also, this is what happens when you go crazy with Enchanting/Alchemy/Smithing

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