Show Off Your Latest!

This is just thread for posting your latest shizz.

Whether it’s some artwork, Videos, or anything else at all.

This would be my latest:

Hah, I like it. It’s like a naked snail. I approve :wink:

After some searching, I finally found a mexican hat for my hand-sewn headcrab plushie. Imma post pictures later if I find my camera. If not, guess the cellphone will do.

Naked Snail? Clearly you never played any of the later Worms games. Shame, Worms is awesome.

Any game that involves explosive flying sheep is made of win.

Rolf. Sorry, I shall Google it right away.

Or a Christian Grenade that blows up half up the map.

And of course, exploding ol’ women :stuck_out_tongue:

The Crap that I’ve been working on. Cut me some slack, I know I suck at texturing, and modelling, and effects.


Alot better than i could do mate :wink:



last update was a few weeks ago btw

Torture Ibanez, utter torture. Really can’t wait to see the finished product.

Have you decided on how you’re going to break up the Nar Shadda scenario yet?

Still awesome, Ibanez.

Yes. It goes like this: Level 1a loads level 1b, which merges with level 2a (The end of level 1 and the beginning of level 2 in JK are merged), and that loads level 2b.

Er. I didn’t word that very well. :3

Overture, Chambers 00 and 01. This map is very near completion. I can post up actual screenshots later if anyone wants them.

EDIT: And when I say this map, I mean this individual vmf. I hope for the whole project to contain 5-7 of them.

A Blender particlesystem testrender:

Holy shit, that looks real.

Sky is a image I presume.

I once made some grass in 3Ds max, but had to tone it down for rendering a video and it turned out looking like shit.

aww ye

Thats a very attractive gameboy

I enjoyed making this.
Even though there are still a few mistakes and errors.

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