Salvation Awaits

Hey Community,

I know there has been a bunch of things occurring recently that’s preventing this community from growing, such as the looming forum software bugs and lack of spam prevention tools. This has not fallen on deaf ears. I cannot share much, but the evolution of both the website and forums are well underway. Please bare with us a bit longer! I promise salvation awaits.

To all the lurkers, registration will be re-enabled when the evolution goes live.

PS. A new Wiki is underway too.

Warm Regards,

Thank you, Father Grigo–er, I mean, Hubi! Can’t wait to see the new stuff! :slight_smile:

Read post… read again. Only thing brain is retaining is the PS. A new Wiki is underway too.

Because I missed the wiki.

Jumping on the like button!
Thank you Hubicorn dear!

The mains page ( is pegging all 4 cores on my AMD A6-3420M APU cpu on chrome (Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and trying to with firefox (60.0.2 (64-bit)).
Oh, and it likes the ram to. afraid to try it on my tablet. :frowning:
On the upside it sure is purdy. :wink:

Thanks for the report. I am on the case!

Crashes instantly if you try to pull it up on an Iphone.

Lags like crazy on a computer. Other then that looks cool. Also nice updated xen image on the bottom.

Which iPhone? I’ve tested on my iPhone with no crashes.

One of the older ones, I think it is a first or second gen on. all I know is I have needed to upgrade for a few years now.

Iphone 5s running 9.2.1 loaded the mobile page with no crashes.

2017 Amazon Fire HD 10
Chrome worked ok.
Silk browser ok.
Firefox loaded ok but image was static (lacking in movement, action, or change)


You are making a new forum or redesigning this one?

In any case, looking forward to it!

The website redesign came up in a conversation about the differences between firefox and chrome.
Someone suggested that “Having video and a semi-transparent layer on top of it is what’s killing performance.”

Hello everyone. We are getting near the final migration steps for the next evolution to the forums. In preparation, please ensure your e-mail address is up-to-date as it might be needed to recover your account once the migration takes place.


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