Recommended games from 2012 to 2018

Hi there everyone!
I finally went ahead and bought a new laptop, because my Dell Inspirion from 2012 is finally falling apart. I was on a tight budget and while I have a reasonable interest in gaming, I had some other personally important criteria (light weight, good CPU, neat design, reasonable battery life, decent 144hz screen, ethernet jack, SSD harddisk) for the machine. So I think I found my personal best compromise in the Lenovo Legion y530. this one comes with an GTX 1050ti. Not too bad for a laptop around that price tag, but that’s a GPU which will be outdated kinda soon.

This is why I resorted to concentrate on games from the timeperiod between 2012 and 2018, covering roughly a period in which I wasn’t able to play many games dur to a weak GPU. There are a couple of games on my list that I will want to play from this time period. Those are the following:

Fallout 4
Dark Souls 2 +3
Bioshock 1-3
The Witcher 2 & 3
thimbleweed Park
Mutant Year Zero
Far Cry 4 + 5
(Maybe) Sudden Strike 4

Well, there are others but I guess these would be the ones on the top of my list. Those will amount to quite some hours of gameplay, but remember I’ll be keeping my laptop a couple of years before buying a new one.

So my questions to you is: Which game from the last 6 years (or more) is a MUST-Play in your opinion, that need to be added to the list? I’m really curious what your opinions are! Thanks!

You already have Witcher 3
Alien Isolation
The Talos Principle
Dishonored games
Wolfenstein games
Deus Ex games
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Your back log is big big large huge

out of your time frame
Mass Effect 2
Dead Space 1 & 2

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Elite Dangerous
The Epic store has Subnautica for free for a limited time.

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Metro: Last Light &
Metro 2033
I’ve played both the originals and the redux versions
liked both of them

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The Stanley parable (wait for SDE)
DOOM 2016
The Magic Circle

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Awesome, thanks for the recommandations so far!

Yeah, I was gonna write Doom down for sure, but I forgot! thanks for the reminder. there are a couple of game I never heard of, gonna check them out for sure!

Thanks an keep ‘em comin’!

Going to say this in advanced. farcry 5 is not worth it, once you play 4 you have played five gameplay wise.

As for my list,

Running with rifles (biased I make weapons for it.)
Crossout (free to play)
Ori and the blind forest
Xcom 2
war for the overworld
Into the breach

And of course the reason this forum exists Black mesa.

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Alien: Isolation
Infinite Warfare - The campaign is great if you like SciFi
Doom 2016
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Homeworld Remastered - comes with 1 and 2 with a nice facelift and the originals.
Soul Calibur 6 - Even the single player arcade experience is a lot of fun. And thats not considering the solo story’s portion. All time favorite fighting game. Its that good.

And one blast from the past, not in the last 12 years, but even before that. An incredible, one of a kind game that a lot of people have not played or even heard of. Not a lot of games hold up over time, but this one is special, it cost next to nothing and its one of a kind gameplay is worth it. (some might say portions of it are similar to portions of Brutal Legend)


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Hollow Knight.

Never thought I would enjoy metroidvania soooo much.

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Shovel knight

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Great! Thanks for all these recommendations! I put most of them on my wish list. Really looking forword to try them out. Christmas sale on steam should start soon, so there will be some major additions to my libraby.
I noticed quite a few 2D platformers. I figured I might recommend one myself. “Carrion” is not out yet, neither does it appear on steam, yet, but it certainly looks interesting - for any horrorgame fans anyway:

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