Quantum Entanglement (fan fic HL story by me, Maxey)


Pls read and leave review, pls. Very important. People are dying of cancer so pls read ok?

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I was captivated throughout the whole story, you made my day, thank you.

You had one thing wrong though: Gordon is a terrible cook, he can’t even use a microwave. :confused:

Or maybe he’s such a great traditional cook he never bothered to learn how to use a microwave.

Ever thought about that, eh, smartbutt?

Does it have John Freeman Who Was Gordon Freeman’s Brother in it? I refuse to read anything that doesn’t have John Freeman Who Was Gordon Freeman’s Brother in it.

He’s there, in the background. Gotta squint to see him.

John Freeman had just discovered that Dr Gina was actually his separated at birth sister and was trying to find Gordon to let him in on the good news. Unfortunately, he got delayed working on a new board game influenced by his recent discovery. It’s called “incest, the game your whole family can enjoy!”

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Some truly Shakespearean epic!

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