Pre-Disaster Project

Pre-Disaster Project[/size]

The Pre-Disaster Project, or PDP, is an idea I’ve had since pretty much the first time I played Black Mesa: Source, and something I had neglected doing until now. Essentially the goal of this project is to allow players to explore the labs of Black Mesa how they would be before the Resonance Cascade. I have plans to integrate a tram system to allow players to get between labs without even touching the console other than to load the first map. Of course this will come much later in the project.[/size] Below you can find a list of maps that have been completed, and which ones I’m working on currently. For now most maps will not be expanded, but once I’m done restoring the maps I want to, I will most likely expand some of the maps.[/size]

Workshop Collection Link[/size]
Completed Maps:[/size]

  • None
    In-Development Maps:[/size]
    Released Maps:[/size]
  • Lambda Complex Hazardous Materials Bay A (bm_pdp_c3a2a) [/size]Workshop Link
  • Lambda Complex Hazardous Materials Bay B (bm_pdp_c3a2b) [/size]Workshop Link
  • Lambda Reactor Level A (bm_pdp_c3a2h) Workshop Link[/size][/size]
  • Lambda Reactor Level B/C (bm_pdp_c3a2g) Workshop Link[/size]
  • Lambda Reactor Level D (bm_pdp_c3a2f) Workshop Link[/size]
    Unreleased Maps:[/size]
  • Lambda Complex Coolant System Control and Auxiliary Tank (bm_pdp_c3a2c)[/size]

Oh man, you beat me to it!

I’m currently working on Office Complex.

(Have you managed to get custom scripted sequences or character manifests to work? I’m still having trouble…)

Nice start! I enjoyed it, though I’d like to see some scientists standing around working or something.

A bug I noticed: While you have locked the doors to the weapons room, you can still collect some of the weapons through the doors. I got the gluon gun, Magnum and rocket launcher without going into the room.

Also, before activating the teleporter, there’s this odd green light on the walls that doesn’t seem to have a source.

Other than that, great work so far! I support more work like this in the future!

Very nice!

Please keep up with the maps and let us enjoy the peace in BM

Haven’t tried with that stuff yet. I’ll probably add back scientists eventually, but I’ll just have them acting like they’re working. Oh and I’d love to see what you do with office complex. For now I’m gonna work on fixing up and connecting the lambda labs (I wanna make it so that you can toggle the reactor’s power, which will effect if you can use the teleporter or not.)

Again I’ll add in scientists later. I did notice the bug with the armory, and I’m figuring out how to go about fixing it (This bug is also present in the original map). And I’m also aware of the odd bug with the lighting. I’m going to test if keeping the dynamic lightmaps enabled the entire time fixes it (They get disabled when you walk into that room, and are enabled and disabled throughout the teleporter sequence.)

Replace the weapon/ammo ents with prop ents, it’s not a hard problem to fix. Hell, even a simple player clip might suffice.

I literally just moved them further away from the walls. New update should be up within the hour including fixes for the lighting and armory bugs, as well as some more untextured things. Also I’m fixing the thing that lets you pick up the long jump module as soon as you push the button. After that I’ll make it so you can’t trap yourself in the armory or the area between the two blast doors. Also I might wanna make a list of things that you can interact with.

I have returned from the dead, and released an early version of c3a2g. It’s really buggy and full of problems, but it should function properly with the other map. There’s lots to be done before it’ll be what I’d consider done, so bear with me as I try to balance many things at once and not go insane.

Third map is a go!

Is anyone going to make a pre-disaster sector c test chamber (bm_pdp_c1a0b)?

That’s already Pre-disaster in the base game.

Similar to bm_pdp_c3a2h, how I can operate the lambda reactor and open a portal to xen, I want to operate the anti-mass spectrometer by turning on the rotors, stage 1 emitters, stage 2, etc. Also, I want to be able to interact with other equipment.

SB7766 and I have plans to do such a thing further down the line, but that’s still a ways off.

Also, looks like I need to update my list of claimed and finished areas…

If it’s going to take an extremely long time for you to make it, I better make it myself, but I don’t have a lot of experience in mapping; I only know the basics.
Can someone teach me how to make one of these things? Remember, I want this to be like bm_pdp_c3a2h so you can operate the anti-mass spectrometer completely.

Nice, but I have an moddb version, so I am unable to download this :frowning:

Just a little something I’ve been working on:

What is this candy-striped monstrosity, you ask? Why, it’s all the maps of Lambda Core put together into one and color-coded! I figured that with Lambda Core’s heavy vertical component just a two-dimensional drawing wouldn’t cut it, so I put this together to assist with planning expanded areas and getting a general feel for the shape and structure of the complex.

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