Mash two or three game titles together. What do you get?

Take two or three game titles and mash them together without losing any of the words or changing their position, then describe what this new game is about.

They have to play off each other. Don’t just mash game titles that have no words in common. For example: Grand Theft Auto + Auto Modellista = Grand Theft Auto Modellista.

I’ll start:

Half-Life is Strange - After a scientific experiment goes catastrophic, a young female scientist called Max Caulfield must struggle to fight off dangerous creatures from another dimension while dealing with her problematic childhood friend Chloe Price.

Perfect Dark Souls - Joanna Dark must use her extensive arsenal of futuristic weapons and gadgets to survive in the world of Lordran and rekindle the fire.

Call of Duty: Dark Corners Of The Earth
A squad of America’s most elite Special Forces must shoot their way through a secret Russian plot to bring about the return of the Great Old Ones.

I would so play Half-Life is Strange.

Black Mesa: The Stanley Parable - Play through Black Mesa, but this time with a nagging voice telling you everything you did wrong and you will start from the beginning on each death / story end.

Wow, narrated with G-man’s voice, that would be creepy =O

Left 4 Dead Rising 4 - Dead Rising but with four people instead of one!

Sim Mesa: Build, expand, administrate, and defend an underground research facility in the New Mexico desert to outshine rival defense contractors.

Sid Meyer’s Leisure Suit Larry - you basically run a school for sub-5’5" pick-up artists with receding hairlines. One of the features is trying to come up with the worst pick up lines imaginable and then selling those to the sad fucks who pay for your courses.
Commandos : Beyand the Call of D… oh shit it is an actual game.

Main boss is Aperture Laboratories.

Half life 3: San Andreas

Portals, Please

You gotta man an interdimensional checkpoint. Shenanigans ensue.

“Please note that we have added a consequence for incompetence. Any unauthorised entry into Arstotzka will result in a blemish on your permanent record, followed by death. Good luck!”
I would imagine the secondary border security person (that arsehole who gives you citations) would be GLaDOS.

How about y’all read the OP a little more than not at all.

It’s not just mashing two random titles together, they have to flow into each other naturally and with no missing words.

Like this: Middle Earth - Shadow of Warcraft.

Half Life 2: Vice city stories

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