Looking for a couple of Apex Legends players

Titanfall 2 being one of the all time great fps games that was sadly set up for failure is still alive somewhat, I still play it. But now… Respawn has given us Apex Legends. It’s free and if you havent checked it out, you NEED TO. Right so I’m on frequently but I’m getting a little tired of the hit and miss teammates. I dont care if we all suck,but trying to get on the same page as a team would be most welcomed. If there is anyone wanting to team up, (its 3 man squads) I’m available 24/7. I have comms as well, but using the ping system is great too. So if anyone is wanting to play as a team, hit me up. nothing serious like tournaments, just having a good time playing with a small group that will work together. Hit me up on here or on origin or on steam under drgibbles


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