HL2 mod players?

Where has all the HL2 players that loved playing HL2 mods gone?

Have they dispersed and all of them playing different games now?

Most of the mods i play now aren’t really as active as it was in the good ol’ days, like 2-3 servers with 2-5 players.

Get out of your old rock, gramps. All the young hip kids are playing early access open world online survival shooters now, don’t ya know? Get with the times, geezer.

Yeah, no, the HL2 mod scene is pretty dead these days, I guess. Doesn’t help that Valve has pretty much lost interest in supporting the mod scene or releasing new Half-Life games at all.

Checkout the source modding community discord, that’s where most of us hang out nowadays.

Also Empires mod, is still alive with 1 server that sometimes is full :wink:
So we’re still alive. Somewhat.

And last but not least: The rtsl mapping challenges! The current one is for Black Mesa.

I mean a lot of the modding community at the time really just wanted to make their own small games and existing moddable games were really the only outlet for that. Decent engines weren’t as easy to come by. These days anyone can pick up an engine and get to work (literally anyone, you’ve seen Steam). Before, it was like “I have an idea that I think would be fun so I’m gonna make it in like Half-Life or something.” Now it’s “Yo I’m gonna make another game in Unity.” The guys who wanted specifically to make stuff specifically for a certain game are still doing that. If someone decides they want to make a project that takes place in City 17, they’re make a HL2 mod. BMRF, they’ll make a BM or HL1 mod. But when you’ve got the urge to make something original, why limit yourself to a mod when these days engines are practically free?

As for players, and Source mod MP servers, even AAA games die because every game on the planet has multiplayer and not many of them are particularly interesting enough to warrant playing over a more interesting/fun game. HL2 mods don’t have nearly the same player base, so of course the servers are dead.

So yeah, much of the modding community is just the indie community these days. Gaming is a different landscape than 15 years ago, everyone’s moved on.

Also hammer is a bitch to work with, one has to be a bit mad to continue using it, with all the random errors it loves to generate.
And the god damn crashing. CTRL + S like your life depends on it.

Imagine doing this in hammer, notice how it’s an UNTITLED UNSAVED PROJECT.

What really makes Hammer annoying is how it handles complex terrain. Displacements are an actual nightmare to work with. This video though! It makes everything look so much easier. I really need to learn UDK eventually.

Even bloody Warcraft 3 handles terrain better than source. I’ve always hated working with displacements in source, they always fuckup somehow.

for Black Mesa[/size]

And it’s done.
Good Black Mesa Maps
https://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/blackmesadoorville/ from https://www.runthinkshootlive.com/

[align=justify]Welcome to the very first (hopefully of many!) Black Mesa Mapping Challenge.[/size]
This release features 9 maps, each based around the theme of “What’s behind that door?”.
Mappers had to create a map that used a previously locked door from the retail game.
Unlike standard Source mods, this release features a special way to install the maps – don’t worry, it’s not difficult, just different. This is due to the game itself, not something I have changed. There are text and video installation instructions.[/size]


The screenshots consist almost entirely of vanilla maps, with a couple exceptions that are almost not at all detailed, and the header even has some glaring noob-ish level design errors and traits.

Thiiiink I’ll pass, unless someone can vouch for it not being predominately meh.

Uncharted Territory from JamaicanDave was damn near perfect.
Don’t you know better than to base a whole level on one screenshot. Something about reading a book by its cover…
Plus if you had bothered to scroll down the page you would have seen the myriad reviews from multiple people.

youtube.com/watch?v=Wnri9myds14 walkthrough of winning map, spoilery

I mentioned all of the screenshots, there was like a dozen of them and they were all either unimpressive or a stock BM map. I mean it’s cool if there is a good map in there, but based on what’s presented it all looks p. uninteresting.

Keep in mind, they only had 26 days to create and complete it.

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