HL PS2 Hazard Course intro

For anyone who is interested I have ported over the PlayStation 2 exclusive intro of the Half-Life 1 Hazard Course over to PC. Integrated seamlessly into the standard Hazard Course. Now this lost section of the course is no longer exclusive the PS2.

Why thank you good sir!

Wow. I’m flashing back to being in the 5th grade, stuffing my face with liquorice and popcorn at a friend’s house, trying to beat HL on the PS2. Good stuff.

Yeah no problem! and if you guys are interested I’ve also ported over other some other HL PS2 content including the head-to-head multiplayer maps in my Half-Life Deathmatch collection on moddb.

(not all of the things in this pack were ported or made by me though; such as the player models)

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