Half-Life spin-off "Hunt Down The Freeman"

Half-Life spin-off “Hunt Down The Freeman” has fans outraged!

Royal Rudius Entertainment’s Hunt Down The Freeman is a game set in the Half-Life universe. To be clear, this is not a mod of Half-Life; it is a game licensed and built on the Source engine. The title retails for $25 on Steam but is currently being offered at a 15 percent discount until March 2…

[font=‘Times\ New\ Roman, Times, serif’]“They are currently scrambling to get the proper version of the game together for a re-launch on March 5 but fixing the bugs and technical issues may not be enough to save the title.

These poor saps are spinning this so hard it’s looking like a monkey phucking a football.

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Too Little Too Late


I really hope this doesn’t end up being pulled from Steam or otherwise made unavailable. Truly, it is The Room of Source Engine games.

it’s a bit to soon to tell, but I think that just turned out to be BS.


Get that popcorn back out, this dumpster fire isn’t done yet!

man, this…this game and everything that went with it…it’s just so unfortunate. I only got to know about the game when I saw a playthrough of the techdemo a few month back (btw none of the content of the techdemo is in the actual game, right?)

This game is just not worth looking at. And yet I keep watching Reviews that tear the game apart. It’s a bit like a car accident. It makes you uncomfirtable to watch, and yet you cannot look away. In this case however, It’s like somebody tries to sell the car accident for a brand new car and charges a good amount of money!

This is all very bad enough and I think it should just be ignored. I do get the anger about it, as it is sold as a proper game within the HL universe. This is damn cheeky. And the communication of the devs with the public is…just not helping. At all. And the bad reviews it gets on steam should actually be enough to keep people away from this game. But looking at the steam forums of this game it’s becoming clear that apart from the well deserved critical comments, more and more rubberneckers are attracted to the accident…erm I mean the the game forums and it’s not helping things either.

It’s just sad. This game, and the slaughterfest that comes with it.[/size]

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