Half-Life: Alyx (Valve VR game)

We’ve got an announcement of an announcement.

Of a new Half-Life game.

Oh god.


Valve News Network literally cried on stream.

That there is only one reply to this is a testament to how inactive the BMS forums have become. :roll_eyes: Hopefully activity will ramp up come the next update, at least. Regardless, nice to see Valve actually making a Half-Life game for the first time in 12 years. VR will be an issue for me, but still interested in seeing what comes of it.

Shouldn’t the rest of Interloper be published soon anyway? As far as I know it’s been a while since the first 5 maps were released and this time it’s only 3 maps of Interloper. :slight_smile:

oh man the comments are brutal on that thread! eesh! Someone get a bandaid for Valve!

Mm. Happy for a new installment, but on the fence because no VR set for me yet, the tech isn’t where I want it to be to get a cheap one.

I’m more interested in the tech demo they’ve got. '07 is when we got EP 2, so it’s been 12 years since we got a half-life game if you ignore the little updates they’ve done to the engine(s) here and there, and nothing really concrete to showcase the new engine, and uses Source 2 to its fullest.

This game will prolly show a lot of what they’ve really been doing to the engine for the past decade.

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“The 0.32% of Steam users who have VR are really a bunch of excited guys.”
Best Twatter comment



Well, there’s our trailer.

It looks okay I guess


Looks good imo.

If physics works the way I think it should, you can take a metal bucket and beat the shit out of combine soldiers with it. No need for gravity hands.

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I made the mistake of showing this to my kiddo. He wants a VR system now. Sorry bro… we just dont have the money for it.

Scuse me while I go curl up in a fetal position and cry in the corner, cuz I want it just as bad as he does.

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black mesa vr on source 2 when

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Do you guys think this could be a precursor to a legitimate half life game?

I heard Vinny say last week that this could be an intentional invoking of Metroid Prime Federation Force. Bringing back a beloved series by releasing something smaller and not really what people asked for to cull their expectations a bit while working on the real new entry.

Of course, the difference is that Metroid Prime 4 has only restarted development once as far as we’re aware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never gonna happen, at least according to the devs

I know, it was just a low effort joke :slight_smile:

Found this to be wholesome.
This is that Eli kid who cried at the end of EP2 when his dad told him there was no EP3


I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried too.

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