Half-Life 2 writer surprised by former colleague’s decision to publish ‘fanfic’ vision for Half-Life 3


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grrrr. I hate this trend.

yeah can’t read it as I have an ad blocker because, fuck noise ads.

Ex-Valve employee describes ruthless internal politics at ‘self-organizing’ companies[/size]
Explains why there will never be hl3.

Ya’ll are going to find a very shallow pool to swim in if you block payment to content creators with ad blocking.

I block ads because on some sites there are so many of them that it literally bogs down the computer making it impossible to bowse the news sites and wikies are the worst. That and I Have had one of those freaking audio ones give me a virus for trying to mute it.

don’t surf pr0n
be smarter than the computer
use malwarebytes along with the free av that microsoft provides

And most of all understand that there will be no more “free” content on the interweb.
People gotta eat.

I would rather just deal with removing it all together, Sorry I am not supporting anyone because several of them are willing to use things that can harm the PC… and that virus one was on freaking facebook.

[/size]Valve is not your friend, and Steam is not healthy for gaming[/size]
an oldie but a goodie.

hahaha you got a virus from fakebook, that explains everything :S [/size]

Evil PCGamer and their ads, causing you to get viruses from Facebook.

What a great read. I suddenly learned something I hadnt realize. Valve IS a bad guy.

Pretty sure most half life fans have subconsciously known for awhile. I mean the fact that they will not even police their own distribution center. (Though the fact that porn games can not be on it is funny.)

Chet didn’t actually say anything at all, or when he did, he suggested that Marc Laidlaw could speak for himself and he said the same about Valve.
Most waste of time article on HL I’ve ever read.

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