Google rolls out "project stream", a prototype streaming system

google is rolling out an experimental “project stream”, a system that allows users to play assassin’s creed: odyssey in chrome.
bit late on this, but someone had to talk about this.

I must admit, I’ve never been so exited and mortified by a new technology like this before. :confused:

I wonder how it spies on you?

In every way possible.
But on a good note it’s National Pickle Day!!1!

Google accused of ‘trust demolition’ over health app

But now you can edit your pics in chrome, totes malotes

Youtube’s ads gave me something similar, except for mobile games. Pretty much it was:

“Are you tired of not playing games on your phone because it’s dying due to low battery, bad cell coverage, or the fact that the phone crashes due to overheating because you’re playing a fcking PC game on your phone you fcking dipsh*t. Well, for 35$ a month, you can pay to play those crappy, micro-transaction riddled mobile games, and poorly optimized ports on any device, not just your phone! You can play that mobile port on: Your Mac. Your PC. Your anything that allows us to shove our malware into.”

Credit where it’s due; if you’re trying to show off you’re system’s potential for both sheer speed and graphical fidelity this is probably the game to do it with.

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