Game trailers thread


New Halo 4 shit
badly recorded Borderlands 2 live action trailer

You know the drill

Yeah, “shit”.
But seriously, that Halo trailer is very impressive, it still looks like a Halo game with new, interesting content, but its also pretty dynamic and badass at the same time.

OMG I have to work Saturday and Sunday… I won’t be able to play as much as I want!!!


been looking forward to this.

Hah, War of the Roses and now this. Tho, to be honest, this one looks a bit more fun than WotR.

Assassin’s Creed III Connor’s Story trailer. Anyone spot the differences between the American and UK versions?

Yeah, I see that Ubisoft hastily added in some scenes of Connor killing some colonists so the Brits stop being so butthurt.

Not to say that we Americans haven’t acted butthurt about this game, too. I remember being in a state of contempt early on when the Brits were QQ’ing about the death of redcoats. Then they revealed an alternate history dl mission pack where Washington is a villain and my fellow Muricans flipped a shit.

Either way, both sides of the coin are retarded.

Also, the American version says “FREEDOM” a lot.

Yeah, agreed on that. I’ve got no problem with killing redcoats in a game. I always had confidence that it would deliver a great story and no generic good guys vs bad guys. I was just a bit concerned at the marketing which seemed to be selling another stereotypical loyalist bad guy story.

That trailer has pretty much quelled all my doubts about the game. From the sounds of things it seems that Connor will be betrayed by the patriots he fights with, that his beginnings are bloody and traumatic and that the music is spot on, all of which make for an exciting and interesting story over the span of 30 years.

I’ve also heard they’ve made the combat much harder which I’ve missed since AC1. Does anyone remember how frigging hard it was to get a kill with the hidden blade in that game? That’s the way it should have been in the next 3 games.

What, in combat? Because the hidden blade basically meant instant death to everyone you snuck up on in every AC game thus far.

But yeah, counter kills with the hidden blade in the first AC were difficult as hell. You had to time it just right.

It’s not of gameplay but it’s one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen for a game.

As for AC3. They’d have to seriously overhaul the fighting gameplay in order to give any challenge to what is essentially a hack and slash game. From the gameplay trailers it seems like the same old AC to me. Mash the attack button until someone attacks, press counter button, rinse repeat. You can tune it to make it require more precise timing, but it’s still just that.

AC sells stories now, with a few additions to gameplay that don’t ever seem to add any depth or challenge. God forbid the teenage fanbase don’t feel like a bad ass for 5 seconds, or you know, actually get killed.

Black Ops 2 Live Action trailer. There’s a really great cameo in it.

It’s still gonna be a shitty game, but at least they have enough money to make it look like it won’t be.

I was waiting for “Surprise, motherfucker!” the whole time, though. Was a little disappointed it didn’t happen. :frowning:

It looks pretty good to me. It seems like it’s the game Call of Duty always wanted to be, but couldn’t be because it tried to take itself too seriously.

It just looks…silly to me. Everything is over the top to the extent of RA3. That’s an example of a game with a high budget that just shit itself because it decided to be “SO CAMP AND COOL”

I don’t understand the point of live action trailers. It just costs a lot of money to make and doesn’t even show anything from the game. Prerendered trailers are better.

But, Robert Downey Jr.

But, unnecessary commas.

Commas can be used like that to indicate certain speech mannerisms, in this case a brief pause.

My favorite live-action trailer that I"ve seen would probably have to be the Purity First trailer for Deux Ex HR

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