Game trailers thread

^bitch please

This is what they should have been selling Interstellar Marines with the whole time. This makes me even more hyped than the unity build vids did, simply because they had more of the game done. It really sucks that they had to remake so much shit from scratch.

I love that ODST trailer

K yeah I haven’t played a halo game since the 2nd one but I must admit that was pretty sweet

I agree. Wow. My first impressions a while ago when I first looked at the game out of curiosity weren’t much more than “meh”. But that presentation was very impressive, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it now.

^ Pretty much my reaction. It really does look like it has some good potential; that voice porting in particular is amazing.

I think more people need to see this video, or seriously restate exactly what they want to do, because that’s basically what I’ve been hearing from everyone.

Heh. When they said that they’d try to emulate the immersion of Saving Private Ryan, I kind of chuckled a bit and thought to myself “those fools… yeah right. Just gonna be some generic sci-fi shooter”.

It looks like they’re actually on the path to achieving it though. The amount of work they put into the smallest details all add up to what looks like something that will be incredible. Huge props to them, seriously.

The only thing I don’t really care for that much is the effects for being damaged. That’s a minor gripe in comparison to how damn cool all of that stuff looks though.

Also, the HUD looks clunky; having the health and ammo right next to each other seems like it’d make it easy to confuse, particularly since there’s a seemingly pointless display telling what weapon you’re using on the other side.

Wait… that video was from GDC 2008. Is there any news? Was it abandoned? Because it looked like it was closer to being finished back then than 4 years of work… :frowning:

A quick visit to the website would answer that question for you.

There are even in-browser demos.

i prefer to have other people answer questions for me. It makes me feel regal.

Eh, that generally doesn’t work out too well for me. Just look at that Halo 4 thread. :fffuuu:

They wanted to complete the game on the Unreal engine, but it’s closed nature without access to a license crippled their ability to properly sell the game the way they wanted to. They were by no means even a fraction near completion, but they did have quite a lot done. Since they didn’t have the funds to buy a 100000000000000000000 dollar license, they switched to Unity and have been working to match their old progress since. They’ve been doing alright, not quite getting to where they were in UE3 in some areas and surpassing where they were in others.

If we’re going for live action then this is up there with the best.

That ODST one I still remember when it came out. Absolutely awesome. I’m gonna have to go lend that game from my mate because I never got into it.

Far Cry 3 Featurette Episode 1

Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but it makes me a little more confident that it might be a good game.

Also Found some MGS: Revengence gameplay

I was swayed a while ago. That 14 minute demo convinced me.

Looks too easy, repetitive and thus boring to me.

Everyone takes 2 bullets to die but the player seemingly sponges them. If your close enough to an enemy simply press the instant kill button. I’m sure the world will be well made and extremely interesting to explore, however I also think that’l get stale after so long, just like it always does. The Co-Op seemed extremely meh too. A near enough ‘corridor crawl’ which is just crazy considering the open ended style of the main game.

scripted demos.

Fuck, they even said they were cheating out the ass in that 14 minute clip.

bump for more interstellar marines

This is really sad. There’s no way they’re gonna make that kickstarter deadline. I wish I could help these guys out :confused:

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