Food you cook

Lately I made it a goal to reproduce fast food I love so I don’t have to buy it anymore and I can make it myself.

I have succeeded in making McDonalds fries which are god damn delicious as well as the breakfast burritos from Sonic.

What should I make next?

A thread in the General Disscussion forum. :hmph:
A&W Onion Rings would be nice.
EDIT: There, grevious.

McArsenic :expressionless:

Damnit JeffMod, stop copying my smiley, you’re cramping my style :meh:

Milkshake. Make one better than any of them shitty fast-food ones (besides Jackntehbox since theirs ain’t so bad).


How bout you make real food rather than trying to imitate fast food…
Just how did you make fries like McDonalds though?

by buying the cheapest potatoes, motor oil and two or three pounds of salt

edit: ridiculous headgear too[/SIZE]

wait, Mcdonalds are actually using potatoes now?


Why would you want to imitate fast food? It’s disgusting.

My Sonic burritos are quite real.

3 eggs with a generous amount of milk, beat that shit good, cook it like a pancake then cut it up a bit
2 sausage patties cut up in to squares
a bunch of grated up cheddar and monterey jack

Fills up a large tortilla quite nicely

Then I use the salsa packets from Sonic and it tastes delicious

For McDonalds fries its just cheap potatoes, a lot of salt, oil and some pepper. I just cook them in a skillet since I don’t have a deep fryer but they taste exactly like McDonalds fries.

cook actual food man. You are soo close, cross the rubicon of not being dumb and gross

Those are just two things I wanted to cook because they are delicious. How is that burrito not real food though? The fries are trash yeah but the burrito is pretty good.

I’ve directed, produced, and won academy awards for my remake of Jack in the Box tacos and Big Mac. All it takes is a fryolator and some grease.

You’ve obviously never eaten real fries.

Fuck you.

The only good reason for the existence of McDonald’s fries is to be used for sustenance after a nuclear war. Those things’ll be the only form of food left, along with twinkies.

When I read the title I thought it said “Food your cock.” :3


Seriously. If you’ve eaten properly prepared Belgian fries, you’ll never want to go to McDonald’s again.

Everyone knows there’s better fries. McFries are still an acceptable source of fryishment.

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