Did anyone follow the ARG "Project 11"?

A while back I read about “project 11” which was an arg that was announcing the release date for Half-life 3. I was just curious if anyone else ever followed it.


I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks,
not too sure about project 11, but I still feel like valve was trolling with artifact and they have something about ready to release soon that’s in the portal/halflife world. One of their rockstars has been far too quiet for way too long, I’m expecting something big that will be available on pc, but the premium experience will be on VR. Just a guess though…

Personally i don’t think it will happen considering the state of the franchise. Valve seems to be more focused on multiplayer and micro transactions.

Exactly. While I would still want to have a single-player experience from Valve, and I believe to some extent there might be one, they’ve been branching out from single-player to do stuff with CS and DotA.
We can, however, wait. Having HL3 and Xen released in the same months would put me in a euphoric state that goes straight to the hospital.

Either Valve is indeed trolling us and deliberately making a shitstorm so they could go “come on guys, behave, have some HL3” or they’re now scrambling and putting together a HL3 after the unforeseen consequences.

After Laidlaw leaked Epistle 3, I saw it as a pretty clear sign that Valve has killed all Half-Life sequels after Ep3. It was a very frustrating and disappointing, even angering, slap in the face but shortly after I dont even think about HL3 before someone mentions it. It seems to me that Valve is mainly focusing on the biggest profits. Which is completely fine, that´s what companies are suppose to do after all, but the way they handled this whole mess with HL-continuum is just wrong. They should´ve just come out and announce it dead as soon as they decided to kill it.

Aside from a new Half-life/portal entry, maybe there is a left for dead 3 about to release too! One can hope…

I´d see that as a possibility, given that it is a multiplayer game and Valve seems to be more interested in them these days. Also, we have to remember that they haven´t shown the capabilities of Source 2 yet. So something gaming related just has to happen some day. Or year. Or decade.

If that happens, it will at least it will show that Valve knows/has learned how to count to 3.

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