Booking Travel on the Internets

I am going to be traveling to Memphis in June and am starting to shop for plane tickets online. I’ve been buying airline tickets on the Internet since they started doing it, but I’ve always used Travelocity. However, now that Microsoft is offering airline tickets through their Bing service, I’m now in a quandry and I’d like opinion of y’all.

If you’ve bought airline tickets over the Internet in the past, I’d like to hear which company you recommend for getting the best value for what you spend. Travelocity? Orbitz? Priceline? Expedia? JoeBob’s Diskount Aeroplane Ticket Emporium?

So, let’s hear it, forumites. What’s your favorite?

ive saved thousands on air travel by learning to astral project

I need to make a calender with all of nutsack’s posts filtered for bits of wisdom.

It’d be pretty empty.

i would insist on a french revolutionary calendar so you would only need ten

Well, I generally go with, but yea, that probably won’t apply to you (or it might… actually)

It pretty much checks all the companies flying a certain city/country and then gives you all the options, ordered according to the price/hops/whatever.

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