BLAST PIT - Stuck here?

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I’m at the part where you have to power up the generator and I pressed the 2 power buttons needed to power it up, what do I do after that where do I go?

You’re done with that wing. Go back the way you came. If you haven’t gotten the gas pumps working as well, that’s your next stop, but you’ll need to go through the Tentacle Silo to get there. If you’ve already done the gas pumps, you can head back to the Tentacle Silo control room, where you first saw the Tentacles.

I’m not sure what to do after I defeat the tentacles, I went into the area they were in and I can’t seem to find anything, there is one door and it doesn’t open.

there is a ladder where the tentacles stemmed from… climb down that… once you have swim all the way down and then towards the wall in any direction, and once you hit the wall float up.

Hope this helps

I’ve jumped into the hole where the tentacle came from, after killing it. Where should I go from there? I can’t seem to find anywhere to go

EDIT: Just saw JAV1L15’s reply, gonna try that.

EDIT2: Found my way, thanks JAV1L15!

I went to go turn them on (the two valves) and confirming with a light on the wall that it was active. On returning to the pit with the tentacles, I was still unable to fire the cannon. Have I missed something?

turn on the power

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You still need one more thing to do before you can activate that. You need to turn on the generator. You need to get to a doorway at the bottom level of the pit to reach it.

This is happening to me as well! I did everything correctly and the “FIRE” button is still red and cannot be pushed.

Is there any fix? I don’t want to play the level again if I don’t have to.

There is useful stuff on the left in the big round room with green water and elevator in the beggining of the level, is there any way to get it?

It’s a jumping puzzle.

Go to your right around to the far side of the room. Then, instead of working inward toward the elevator, hop to the slanted section of the wall (you can stand on it). Then hop to the shipping containers, then the forklift, etc. over to the pipes sticking out below the walkway, then up onto the walkway. Walk around to the items, then you can climb up a ladder to a small section of catwalk and then drop back down to where you started.

Checklist: Fuel, Oxygen, Power. First two are in the same area.

If all 3 are activated, and it still won’t fire, then it’s glitched. Try loading an earlier save and doing it again.

Hey, I’m stuck at the silo. I started the fan by flipping the switch under it and turned the two valves in the next room, but the button to launch the missile still doesn’t do anything.

Was there a second switch under the fan that I missed?

Now, if you would be so kind as to start the electric power, down at the lowest level of blast pit, to max speed and hold it there. Maybe you could find a solution?

The post right above you told you everything you need to know.

So, I’m stuck in this location:

I already turned the valve on the screenshot below. What is the next step and how do I get out of this area?

There’s a second valve next to that one, but it’s missing a crank wheel. The wheel is on the shelf in the nearby room with the zombie guard. Grab it, pop it in, turn it, and the door should open.

Correction: Once you turn it, turn on the oxyfuel in the other room, THEN you’re clear.

I’m not stuck, but curious. Did the tentacles behave correctly for everyone else? They simply ignored grenade explosions, tracked me regardless of sneaking and made navigating the rocket test chamber very frustrating.

They were definitely trickier in Black Mesa than I remember them being in the original Half-Life. They respond when I throw grenades, but to my knowledge you can’t really sneak by them in either the mod or the original game. You really have to plan everything before you make the mad dash to each silo to power up the shuttle pit. Did they respond to satchel charges? I know some of those were in the grenade cluster outside the pit.

From what I’ve noticed, they should react to explosions by looking for the source of the noise, but they always go back to the level the player is on, regardless of whether he or she has moved. They’re also much harder to avoid, as you can’t camp on the ladders to gather your bearings like you could in HL.

Also, after playing so much of the original Half-Life, I was floored to see the opening sequence with the scientist’s death actually in sync!! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, didn’t think you could get over that pit.

Hello. I’m stuck on c1a4a. If you can, please. Can you complete game to button what killing monster will be “green”? Or give save on this moment. Very thanks for help.

Save is here: - scan

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