Black Mesa Classic Weapons

Saw this the other day, figured I’d post it here.

And here’s a webm of the MP5 ingame, which also seems to have the classic HL1 HEV arms now


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Where? what? who? and how?

This looks amazing :slight_smile:

Sorry, forgot to add the link

The guy who models them frequents facepunch as well.

I want that 357.

Question is if he’s gonna release it only on his arms, because I prefer IIopn’s arms.

Looks amazing. I’m so glad he went with the actual HL guns rather than what they’re based on. Also yay, the MP5SD is back complete with magical triggerless M203! I’d rather them not be on IIopn’s animations, though.

Seriously? IIopn’s animation are great, the biggest problem with the animation revamp is not the animation revamps fault.

Black Mesa decided to make all their models a custom size, that then becomes an issue when all the gun’s from HL2 mods become a different size and then a different FOV and a different camera position and different Hands.

As Far as The Crowbar and the crossbow (But the scope texture needed a fix) and grenades are concerned I think it is a win for both model and animation. But the Glock was Massive on the screen this mod seems to fix that issue but then when you compared it to the satchel model it was tiny hands holding an object that was meant to be much larger.

This Mod seems to Have consistency in mind with the models.

That 357 looks perfect and on IIopn’s animation I think it will be the nuts, this is exactly what I was looking for.

I just hope the hands don’t get bigger and smaller, all the models need to be consistant. If the satchel is an issue we could do with a new one then. If it’s the camera position at which the animation is rendered then it should be an easy fix. I am not a modeller but it seems like sizes of Hands / Models seem to be a problem with Black Mesa Modding.

Holy shit, those look incredible. How much have they done of the pack, because this will be an instant download the moment they will get released.

they are all looking great and perfectly match the more comic-y style of half-life but I don’t like the animations that much. One thing I liked about Black Mesa was that it - at least partially - offers a more realistic gunplay (the models as well as the animation and gun behaviour), in fact, feeling different than Half-Life. Does anyone can recommend me other cool model/animation mods besides those from iiopn ?

The animations are great, and I don’t even mind the model size, but they’re just not practical for Black Mesa. We don’t need long-ass draw animations (or reloads) in a game where a second or two easily chooses between success and failure. The MP5 in that video seems to have good (and different) animations, so I don’t know what’s going to be used for anything else.

Amazing. Just amazing.

I agree with you on the glock and mp5 and shotgun about the draw and reloads but for the more powerful weapons I actually found the longer animations on the 357 crossbow and rocket launcher agood addition as it meant you had to make the more powerful guns count and you would need a better hit rate and clear the area or run to cover to reload. It made it more survival horror type element.

Anyway as long as it is on the same hands I guess we can pick and choose but what I will say is classic grenade model would also be nice modifying the model Iiopn used on the thanez hands.

Satchel and the RPG resized as these 2 models seem to be out of proportion the RPG seems to have blurred texture on thanez hands or just fix the text?

By the way, the guy who worked on the Classic Weapons for BM just posted this new video on FP.

edit: And also, he posted this as well from Polycount forums:

drools Those look awesome.

Talented guy, and the BM stuff looks great, but the HL2 stuff is WAAY too clean-looking for the art style.

I think these are some of the best gun models I have ever seen.

Did anyone notice the control pad on the back of the left hand?

I think this guy has what it takes but I am unsure of what the end result is meant to be? Is it a few of the guns or all of them? Either way I am blown away. I think this will reinviggorate my interest level back to where it was. So happy about this :slight_smile:

Man, these are top-notch! Can’t wait until a download is available!

I realize they’re untextured but they feel a little too clean and perfect for me. Grunge 'em up some! :smiley:



well today is your lucky day friend. they are on new arms on new animations

my condolences friends but they will not be on iiopn’s arms nor his animations

if you go back and play half life 2 you will see that the weapons are probably cleaner than you remember


good and correct observation. the ld hands also have the control pad seen here

i know for a fact i have what it takes. i’m not doing any more than the crossbow though. i’m not getting paid enough for it. lol

Thanks for the reply, so if it’s on new hands that means the new Hands will need to be rigged to all the other weapons.

Is it possible to see the new hands rigged on the default weapons you are not re-doing?

I assume that is the following please correct me if I am wrong.

Tau Cannon
Hive hand
Rocket Launcher

Are your Hands HL2 size? or are they different a custom size? or are they Black Mesa Size?

Will the magnum iron sights be like Black Mesa or like animation revamp or different?

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