Black Mesa Classic Weapons

Judging from the screenshot you already have it working on IIopn’s, couldn’t you just release that… separately? :smiley:

I mean it’s just a model replacement, I doubt you need permission from IIopn for that. Even if so, I’m 100% he would give his permission.

Sorry I will stop nagging now, just trying to persuade you :3

He would need to re-rig it all to fit on IIpon’s stuff, since it looks like a different hand model.

i understand the demand to rerig all the other weapons but i will not do it.

the ironsight button on the 357 does absolutely nothing just like how it was back in 1998

the guns are shaped really differently and most of them of them physically don’t fit. also it would be very rude of me to sneak in model replacements without permission


I understand. Can anyone help Juniez rig the new hands to the default Black Mesa weapon set?

I think if somone has the ability then this is what is needed to fully enjoy otherwise the majority of weapons will look wrong in the new hands.

[COLOR=‘Red’]Deleted some posts. C’mon folks. Honestly.

come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

These re-modelling projects just tell how bad the original BM weapon models are ;]

I don’t think the models are bad, just the animations. Honestly, though, I care more about animations.

Ever consider showing the creation process of your textures? I love them.

New muzzleflash? Looks good.

These. Oh god these. I am loving these models, and would be overjoyed to see how you put them together.

I always thought that the original shotgun viewmodel looked strange. It sort of looks like it’s floating in Gordon’s hands. I like the pistol and MP5 models though.

Mate I fucking love you.

I want those awesome ld style arms! Also nice model pack great job can’t wait tell this is released! Also maybe you could make the arms a little bit of a brighter orange since the HEV mark Iv is bright orange.

I love this! VALVE needs to hire you dude! You are awesome!!! I <3 the classic weapons!


I wonder how the models are going he hasn’t posted anything in a week he must be really busy.

That last screen is actually a month old.

I didn’t see that thanks for mentioning that I thought he posted that last week.

Please !

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