Black Mesa Classic Weapons

I’d like to know when the release is coming as well but the author of the mod hasn’t commented in a while. We’ll have to wait until he comes back or isn’t busy.

uh ohhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh god, the files got corrupted, didn’t they?

I’m sure he will let you know when it’s done… nothing is more annoying than asking for updates.

when is the release date, really?

it is a mystery

Your classic weapons mod looks great, Juniez!

I think I figured it out! 3 X 3 X 3 = 27. So 27/9 = 3… Not only Half-Life 3’s confirmed, but his Classic Weapons Mod is confirmed to come out alongside Team Fortress 3, Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Day of Defeat: Source 2, and a bunch of other stuff! :smiley:

Seriously guys?
Let’s think about it, is Christmas Eve.

Probably Juniez is on vacation, wanting to relax after a stressful year, or with their whole family, relatives, friends and all, stop asking the release date.

The good thing is that Juniez was really polite to you, even with all pressure about the mod.

We will be more quiet and let him continue this great work he is doing, and also enjoy the well deserved rest as we all.

I bet he will release when ready.

Your logic and level headed-ness doesn’t belong in these parts! He really is really secretly working with valve to make the Black Mesa steam version, Xen, Half Life 3 and the second coming of Jesus.


These look pretty cool XD I’d love to download these once they’re released–anyone have an idea about release btw?

That shotgun model is liquid sex <3

If you actually bothered to read up at the top of the page you will notice that the same question was already asked and answered. Please don’t ask for release dates or updates. I’m sure they will get posted when the author is good and ready.

I’m sorry :’( sniff

Seeing those sexy weapons, I just had to comment on how super cool they are. That release question just kinda slipped . . .

I am not asking for an update, but I do hope it is going well.

I also hope you have found someone to help you out with rigging your new view model hands.

Keep up the good work a lot of people are looking forward to this.

boy, do i know it

i am gabe

it turns out that most modders dont work very hard or consistently at all which is just as much as you can expect from People Who Do Not Get Paid For It

i am cheesus

yes i do have an idea about release

you can ask for updates whenever you’d like but most of the time the answer is ‘nothing has gotten done’

that’s okay, friend

You tease. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why people hate nerds.

Dude these are freaking epic. Please do more classic weapons… I would really love to see the Gauss and Rocketlauncher… If you have a paypal account, I’m sure there would be quite some people to support you with money (I would).

it’s the animations that are being worked on right now: point your donations to if you want him to work faster

Very nice work. Looking forward to seeing this land on the Black Mesa workshop.

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