Black Mesa: Blueshift

Hello everyone!

This thread has all of my minor updates regarding the recreation of Blue Shift using Black Mesa.

Moddb page is here:

Some images:

Criticism and suggestions welcome! If you had any ideas of what I could throw into it those would be really good as well! :smiley:

It’d be nice to see a Black Mesa Blue Shift in addition to Guard Duty.

That looks pretty awesome nice job.

Looks awesome, but you can made it more like Black Mesa and not so Half-Life: Source, for example, you can transform the first station into a Terminal station with a big building with glass and scientist in all ways or another trams with scientist but in other direccions, etc, but is an awesome work.

With a side of Wilson Chronicles and security guard: Source along with Gard Gard revolution

I like it! I’ve always enjoyed Blue Shift and the tram sequence was pretty cool. I particularly liked that cafeteria area in the cave, so I’m interested to see how you interpret that.

This will probably be released before guard duty.

I really like the effort with this keep going and going and going :slight_smile:

And don’t stop.

We’re watching.

Good work, keep’em coming.

Damn, not bad. Wonder when we’ll see yet another “independent” Black Mesa powered remake, like Opposing Source, or Decay.

Very nice job so far, maybe work on some animations to make your fellow colleagues more vivid.

wow,you should make BMS:blue shift

you’ve got everything you need for the first parts of blue shift,but the xen part may be a bit tricicky to make since you dont have any official xen textures or examples.

He can put them in later as an addon :stuck_out_tongue:

That wouldn’t really work with BS, since you come back to Black Mesa after you visit Xen

So just temporarily leave out that part in the old teleportation labs and the ending, and add it later. Easy.

Or you can do this

Yeah, but there are still a lot of things missing, like the dead survey team members and their equipment, or the Xen water.

This is cool. I didn’t think that there might be people who would start to do Blue Shift due to Black Mesa :slight_smile:


A Blue Shift mappack for Black Mesa would be awesome, since I don’t think BS adds new stuff to the game (except another hands holding the weapons and other small details)

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