You Laugh, You Lose

again, had to be done

No it didn’t.

but I liked this thread… :frowning:

Yes it fucking did CPU.

Let’s all laugh at CPU.

Lose on the first page? Nope.–google-adds-six-degrees-of-kevin-bacon-to-search-engine

Kinda old, but funny and true.

Who wouldn’t want this thread?

In the process of testing this, I encountered evidence that Kevin Bacon is equally hot as Danny Glover:

Thanks to you, and to my current state of unemployment, I lost on the first page.

Starting Download Now!


I’m going to have to bring my laptop tomorrow. I can’t miss the countdown!

I lost. So hard.
Around 8:20 is the best part.

Well, I laughed anyway.

touched awkwardly

Dad at comedy barn
1:25 is where it starts to really get going

Ghost Tits

I lost horribly on the first two…
Then I started crying of laughter on the “Dad laughing” one… I couldn’t stop for 6 minutes…
I’m bad at this :L

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