WTH with the steam plugin? HTTP 302

Refer to ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Seems to function fine for me. Maybe you’re not giving it the appropriate ID?


You need to use the longer steamid. The one that says steamID64.

I just fed it my custom one and it’s been working fine.

That is the one I used before.

P.S. Punched it in again - you can see the results.


I just checked how I have it in my profile and it’s the custom url name.

I named my custom steam page sersoft and I put sersoft in the little text box and it always worked fine, although right now it doesnt seem to work either but I don’t give a single fuck.

Just tested and it appears only the custom URL works now.
Guess people will just need to setup a custom URL to use this feature.

Sorted now. Cheers people.

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