Workshop maps - Is anybody working on a remake of a favourite workshop or somthing new ?

Title says it all but here is my first contribution.
Probably one of my favorite maps from the old dm games, dm_sniper. I always loved all the secret areas and camping spots people would spend more time fighting for than using for kills XD
This is also my first map and I would appreciate any advice and tips as mapping is something I would like to do more of in the future.


I did a remake on Killbox and am working on dm_biohazard at this moment.
I will do a remake of other maps after it as well.

In the meantime , I have a little problem in SDK, help from you would be appreciated!

My maps’ lights are not always right [SDK Help]

Awesome remake btw!

P.S. If you want to test this on a server, contact me, I’ll put it in mine.

Ooooh yea, unique layouts. Can’t wait for more of these!

Keep it up!

I did see that killbox map. Good work on bringing a classic back :smiley:
I am not very experienced with SDK but I have posted my thoughts on your thread gl.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve never created a multiplayer map, and I think I don’t really play MP enough, or know multiplayer level design theory well enough to create a decent one. But Black Mesa sure is tempting me to give it a shot.

One of the things I’m planning is a weekly/every-other-weekly hour long livestream where we sometimes do community spotlights on workshop items. So there’s that additional motivation where you could be featured on one of those :stuck_out_tongue:

(More info on that soon)

Started some scribbling, and while I’m not totally decided, I’m thinking of starting on my first MP map sometime. :smiley:

Go for it, we need more original maps on workshop, kinda tiered of playing hl:dm ported maps with the old textures :frowning:

I really like the shape of that yard.

Do you have a particular environment in mind?

Sort of. I was imagining an abandoned construction cavern that collapsed in on an Anom. Mats.-style lab area while drawing it up, but of course nothing’s really set in stone.

Do it. We could definitely do with some BM styled original maps (we have some of ours on the way, too!).

Multi-tiered BMDM maps are love. Verticality is king in our game and your design looks cool.

It would be a good way to get familiar with MP design, though I’d hate to put out utter crap (as I’ve mentioned, I don’t play lots of multiplayer.)
I’ll do some more drawings, maybe work on a layout and see where it takes me. :slight_smile:

I doubt you will produce anything that would rank as utter crap.

If you have seen half the things I started with when doing MP, you’d be okay with putting out whatever you can make.

Put the utter crap out, can’t get better by yourself.

Joe does that on a daily basis, believe me, I had to work on Lambdabunker with him.

(Am kidding, Joe’s a great mapper and an even cooler dude.)

They don’t call me frozen for nothing!

Maybe, Chon, we should put out some pictures of the utter crap that we had of some of our maps before launch. Stuff that didn’t make it in or was heavily revised later. Early LB, Early Gasworks, hell, maybe even my Early Rapidcore (Sorry guys, it was horrible). Sounds like an encouraging blog post we could make.

I already did that, in 4 way too long parts. Boy did Gasworks suck. It would be cool to show off some of the Lambdabunker/Rapidcore stuff though, to showcase just how far some of this stuff comes, and how much even experienced level designers have to learn and experiment.

Okay, Okay, you raise good points. This is gonna be a real process, I’ll be learning how to MP with this.

I’ll need to find some people willing to playtest the layout, I wouldn’t really know what’s good or bad unless it’s at an extreme. Maybe I’ll create a thread to doc process? shrug

Threads are good.

Maybe a testing server pops up that you’ll be able to test with.

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