Welcome to the new forums.

I am pretty tired (pretty rough night of data migration and deployment of this thing) so I am going to keep this post short and sweet. It’s been long overdue since our homepage refresh, but I would like to welcome you to the new iteration of the community forums. A lot of time has been placed into it and I hope you enjoy all the enhancements and features.

Please use this thread to post any feedback or bugs you may encounter. We will be taking the “shotgun” approach and will be adding in new features every week, keeping what sticks.

<3 Hubi

Are we allowed to use this thread for general discussion of this new forum?

Of course! :slight_smile:

That is some nice sexy new layout you made in this forum good sir. :slight_smile:

Damn this is a sexy looking forum now (not that it wasn’t before). Me likey.

This is so nice-looking! Feels nice and modern. Though I’m going to have to get used to some of this newer stuff. Like what’s with the presence of some users underneath the SubForum boxes? And any chance of returning the quick reply box at the bottom of pages?

Also, uh oh, small bug, seems the dev/past dev tags have a slight issue:

I already reported this bug and Hubi put it on the list :slight_smile:

The users under the subforums show what subforum they are in/looking at currently, I believe.

realy nice indeed, does seem the spam protection isnt fully working in this version :smiley:

Love the new design guys, great job!

Hubi I have a bug to report. Your name isn’t rainbow colored.

Few teething problems with being able to see deleted threads/posts as a normal user, but it’s really nice so far. Much easier for me to navigate and use the features available.
The Sidebar could do with a little more utilisation for FaQ and announcements, but this is really nice work Hubi. Congrats!

Nice job on the overhaul, Hubi!

Still, could use a few little things back from the old design like a global “Mark all forums as read” button, a fast reply textbox on threads and the return of the top banner links.

Uh, yeah, this is nice and all I guess, but I rather miss the ‘new posts’ ‘/search.php?do=getnew’ button/featrue.

That was pretty much the only way I used the forums before, so quick and convenient. Now I’m scared and confused.

Overall I’m finding this far more user-friendly than before, and navigation is awesome, but I find the little box indicating a link to be bothersome, and I keep accidentally clicking “New Thread” instead of “Reply.”

This is glorious. A+ job bro.

Looks awessome :slight_smile:

was there rating system before or is it one of new things?

Had to login just to say: Dayuuuuuuuuum. Sexiest i’ve seen the forums looking in a long time.

Nice !

I find it difficult to read the text because it’s more gray than white.

Liking the new design, and also that signatures are back - though judging by mine, the data itself never went away.
Just a couple of things, though;
On the main page there is a “tags” box in the sidebar - I’m not entirely sure the purpose of it, but it seems to be filled up with spam about ‘love counseling’.
I am also already missing the quick reply box being at the bottom of the page by default, but I can get used to that. An extra click per post ain’t gonna kill me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The forum’s been taken over by the COMBINE!!!

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