unwanted logout

I have been coming here regularly for years but almost never post. I like to just surf the place.
Anyway, recently I have started getting logged out while I am reading posts. It is annoying to have to keep logging in again so I can keep reading.
Is this a new feature or a personal problem?

My browser is Firefox Nightly if that helps.

Yes, but this only happens on this site. I can leave to do something and when I come back I am still logged onto other sites unless I stay away so long I time out in the usual time frame.

I am just wondering what makes this site different, err, besides the inmates…

Just want to say that I am no longer getting timed out.

Now to learn how to navigate this new site.

On the old site, if you didn’t check the “keep me logged in” check box when logging in it would automatically log you out after a while. The new one keeps you logged in by default.

Will we get some weapons earlier/later than in the original game, and will they be more useful? Don’t know how others, but in most of my playthroughs, I didn’t even use the Colt Python and found myself using the Crossbow only in Xen shooting the controllers and stuff.

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