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Help! I’m stuck at one point in Unforeseen Consequences, just past the funicular, where the broken bridge crosses the canal. As I jump down the screen fades to black, and it tells me it is loading - and then suddenly I’m back at the very last save game. No crash, just resets the save and won’t let me transition to the new map area.

Anyone know what’s happening here?

Are you jumping into the canal, the one with the bullsquid on the far side? Because the one that the houndeye breaks you have to go around using the pipes.

Ahh. I’ll give that a try, thank!

That was it. Forgot about crouch-jumping didn’t I? D’oh! Thanks for the pointer!

:fffuuu: It’s called being dead

Yeah, I can see how you’d get confused by all the extra canals they added in place of bottomless pits, if you don’t remember HL1 all that well.

But yay, I helped someone.

And resurrected!

I followed the security guard all the way to the larger control room, he was shooting bad guys all the way and all I could do was watch. So, I started up the original game, because I knew I wasn’t crazy and the crowbar is laying right there by the door before you climb up the elevator shaft. So I loaded BM from right after the explosion, ran up and sure enough, NO FREAKIN CROWBAR!!!

Is this a mystery on to me? Where the hell is the freakin crowbar hiding?

They changed it up a bit continue playing its lodged in a door you cant miss it!

Wow… I thought I was going freakin crazy!!! Well, good to know I’m not, yet.

Need some help, maybe i’m overlooking.

I know that it’s not the way out to this but how can i go to this security room?

Thanks in advance

The only way to get up there as far as I know is to step off onto the security booth balcony as the cargo lift is going down. I’m sure if you tried hard enough though, you might be able to stack props to make a staircase back up.

So far, no success-
Try to stack some barrels but can’t reach
I’ll try tomorrow. Thanks

If you have any earlier autosaves from when the lift was going down or before that, you could try reloading them to get onto the balcony.

Ok i’ll try that

Hi, stuck!

Got up the reception with the security guard, went through the vent, got the crowbar that was wedged in the door. went through the hole in the wall, come up to the hallway with the zombie in the chair in the right room, and Doctor killing/being killed by headcrabs in the left. go through to entrance to Sector B. Door won’t open!!!

Didn’t remember but tried to brake the glass panes?

Im going nuts stuck in the room with the cargo elevator. There doesnt seem to be a lever to start the lift, or I cant find it… I’ve even started the game twice. Can anyone help please.

You have to power it up. The power switch is in the security office above/behind the elevator. Both the doors are locked, so you have to find another way in.

Hint: It involves climbing, and crawling. In that order.

You have to pick up the retinal scanner, and plug it back into the wall to open the door.

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