Translations Needed

Hello! ¡ Hola! Salut! Shalom!

Black Mesa is looking for help in translating our script so that everybody across the globe can enjoy the story as well as the action.

Which one of you fine polyglots will step up to the challenge?

We will send you our .txt file upon acceptance, and we will gladly GIFT you a copy of the game after completion of your translation duties.

Thanks for all your support! The game would not have been possible without the amazing dedication from this community.

Is the Spanish translation finished? I’d like to help to get it done :slight_smile:

Hello! Can i help you with Russian translation?

I was looking for this thread in the steam hub!

I can give a little help with the translation in Italian :slight_smile:

I can help with the french version if needed, a friend of mine too

Want a Dutch translation? I can do that.

[sup]Hello, I would like to assist you with the Russian translation. I noticed however, that someone else above has already submitted the translation request.[/sup]
[sup]Just to note that I’ve done script translation several times before :slight_smile: [/sup]

I can also help with the French translation, feel free to mail me.

Hmm, it would be nice not to forget that a forum was created near the original release: Black Mesa International. Most of the work had already been done in various languages. Here is a link:

Regarding the French translation, our team already came up with a complete translation for the original release. We are of course willing to update it for the Steam release and further updates.

Sure! If you want to help us, feel free to visit the forums above. Any help is welcome.

Indeed, there is already a forum for the tranlsation.

We have worked on a bunch of translations at bmtranslate.darkbb.comand we are currently waiting for the new file to update our translations.

MrChocodemon from the german translation team here.
As the @lucasberti @Merrick Simms and @Coolman already pointed out, there is an official Black Mesa translation website where some of us have been at work since 2011.

But while we’re at it, I’d like the .txt for the translation teams.
We’re eager to start and I have much free time on my hands.

People who want to join can take a look at and if their language is present, they can ask if help is needed/wanted. If your language is not present, you can request your own thread.
(Ps: Is the OP just badly structured or are you guys that unorganized, to not know that there is a whole forum dedicated to translations? I mean we have our names in the Credits…)

Oktober from the Italian translation team here.

As mentioned by @MrChocodemon, there is already a forum where the translations workload is being handled: , ever since before the Mod release.
As for the Italian translation: it is finished and polished up, we just need the okay for the closed captions file, since as far as we know it’s not complete yet.

Wow you guys. We get it. There’s a forum. 4 links plus a reference. We understand. I can’t speak for the devs, but perhaps they had a reason to ask here.

You seem to be hurt by the fact they’re asking for help on their own forum instead of elsewhere. I understand that you feel overlooked, but this feels like a rather militant way to show it. =/

Overlooked? That’s least to say. I really hope that’s some misunderstanding happening right here.

By the way, Russian translation is done. We don’t accept any new members to our team, sorry.

Yes, we would like to have a finecrafted closecaption_english.txt to translate. Not the current one with the well known old bugs in it, but a shiny new one with new string IDs and surprising new bugs. :slight_smile:

Was it really?
Store page only sais English is the only available language.
Besides, in the library of Black Mesa, in the resource folder there is no such thing as bms_russian.txt

The only resource files are English, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Finnish. Please don’t say something like that without doing a proper research. Besides you said “we”. You’re not a developer, are you?
I am pretty sure that even if there is one, perhaps since 2012 when the mod was first released it still needs some additions. The dev team, assuming they have Russian-speaking members could definitely modify it under their particular condition.

Don’t consider this an offense btw, I might just be unaware of what is going on.

Yes, it was done, and yes, you are unaware of what is going on.

He is (and we are) part of an OFFICIAL project, where the developers themselves sent us the proper translation files before the initial release. We did that, however, the Steam release captions uses a modified version, and they didn’t update us beforehand, so our work couldn’t be pushed to Steam. We are currently waiting for the new version, to update the translations and roll in a future update.

We are working with Black Mesa Team since 2012, they even give us last Thursday Black Mesa Steam Keys to work with…
Most of the translation are done but not implemented, that’s why you don’t see it on Steam neither in the files.
For example, Xen is not in the files, that doesn’t mean nothing have been done…

Concerned translators will confirm but the actual German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Finnish translations were done in 24/48 hours before the 2012 release.
The translations are, in a result, not very good and were not tested in-game.
That’s why we work months on good translations at the end of 2012 for every languages.
We said “We” because we are considered official translation team of Black Mesa. We know the project and considering closecaptions, we know the bugs and we know the tasks to do.

For example, concerning French, the translation for the 2012 mod was 100% done. Since the Steam release, they fixed a lot of bugs we pointed at and add some dialogs. If they fixed remaining bugs, we might have finished the translation in a few weeks.

The problem in every project, and here we have a good example, is communication. We had no informations for a long time or very few. That’s because, as you said, we are not part of the Crowbar Collective and they can’t give us too much informations.
The frustration you saw upper is just we are scared that they forget about us despite the months of work we’ve done.

I hope someone from the Dev Team will clarify this situation.

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