Transifex for translations?

If you want to help for a translation, you should go first on the translation forum of the game.

Here the adress of the forum :
You need to sign up on the forum, and after to go on the “Applying to Translate” topic :

You can also send a private message to Jokerine the manager of the forum, or a private message to Oktober, the leader of the Italian translation team.

That forum seems to pretty much dead considering the latest post was in may, 2015?

So… You want the developers of the game to ignore the Italian team and use your translations instead?
Sounds like the italian team is the one you should talk to and join them instead.

Most sections of this forum are hidden, that’s why you have this impression, specifically if you are not registered.

Never heard of it before.

Beside I think the translation project has been created before Transifex appearance on the net. The BMS project has been launched in 2004 after all.

Make the transition now will probably be only a waste time, as the game has been largely translated with the release of the free version in 2012.

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