The Unofficial Official Chat Thread

had to be done

OMG!!! all of our beautiful threads have gone…

and nothing of importance was lost

If necessary for some petty argument, I’m sure has us covered.

wow, 22 hours until everything crashes. Who’s looking forward to the impending RAAAAGE over not all the mirrors being down under the mass of attempted DLs?

Hello, yes, hello.

Come at me BM… Come at me…

Well, the post count is still there

Sure is quiet around here… for now.

I was pretty astounded no one had already remade this thread.

Seems crazy no?

And all was quiet on the Black Mesa front. Soldiers nearly thought it was over… Then the trolls came.

A fresh new start!

Is it just me, or are ranks un-reversed now?

Well, considering the forum cleanse, this needs to be reinstated.

You mean I’m now a Snark? Yeah it’s just you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I’m a big dumb dumb. Muscle memory and lack of thinking at it’s worse.

I feel terribly dumb now.

Yeah, they’re back to normal now. I thought I would be a Gargantua by now Q_Q

You’ll get it soon enough.

Well that chatroom was fun.

I lurk too much for that :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, never posting outside ladies club

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