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I am the Creative Director and Project Manager for this new mod. Although it sounds naive, we are producing a Half-Life 2: Episode Three mod. We currently have a small team of four mappers, a coder, and I, who manages the development of the project. Our goal is to faithfully use the same methodology of making our mod in our design process as Valve once did for the making of the Half-Life franchise. It is to feature puzzles, down time, and most importantly, a lot of fun with the gravity gun. The mod features clever gameplay using the gravity gun that Valve never thought of. We are centric on the gravity gun because we thought it was underused compared to the original Half-Life 2 franchise.

In the mod, the combat and puzzles will be like nothing you’ve ever seen in a Half-Life game. Puzzles will require extensive use of the gravity gun and combat will leave you speechless. You will be able to kill enemies in a whole new way and experience entirely new sections of the Half-Life universe. You will explore the depths of the arctic, the heights of the Combine architecture, and see a renewed version of Xen, Combine infested and all. Make sure to check out The Orange Suit Project when it comes out… which may take a while. Which is why we are looking for mappers, modelers, scripters, coders, and graphic designers.

Fully subbed from here on out!


  1. Are you going to continue on the story?

  2. Is it going to have brief moments with the characters?

  3. How much would you say the mod will offer play time for experienced Source game veterans as myself?

  4. Any new weapons or tools?

  5. Would there be a driving sequence?

  6. Are you the ones who made this Fan made HL3 Trailer? If not, would you take the trailer as inspiration for the mod?

  7. Lastly, if you would receive a massive positive response from the community and with some unbelievable luck you get recognised by Valve, would you make it a full game?

  1. The episodic story, yes.
  2. A couple. We don’t have professional voice actors so we’re trying to keep that to a minimum.
  3. Hopefully a couple hours, maybe a bit less. We just started serious mapping so it’s hard to gague right now. Based on the playtest of our dev map, I’d stick to that earlier estimate.
  4. Maybe. :wink:
  5. Without a doubt, sir.
  6. No, but I’d be pleased with myself if I did. Much of the game will be taking place outside of the arctic. The arctic is only the beginning.
  7. Get me that overwhelmingly positive community response, then yes. :slight_smile:
  1. Well, if you guys are truly devoted to working on it, who knows what might end up. Good luck!

PS: Get some sexy map pics in this thread, to get it going. (If you have ones to present, that is.)

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