The Massdebating Handbook

These are the rules:

  1. ‘Ask a…’ Threads: If these aren’t serious, you’ll get an infraction. If the threads descend into petty name-calling and trolling, they’re closed and the members responsible get an infraction.

  2. Be Civil: For the most part (apart from the above stipulation) I’m going to try and be as un-moderating on this board as possible. Don’t take this as a licence to be an idiot or else you’ll be taking a holiday.

  3. Serious Threads: Religion, Politics, Popular Culture et al is fine. But don’t make a debate thread for the hell of it.

  4. Reporting: Seeing as though the Massdebating Hall doesn’t contribute to your post count, only report posts that are either deliberately derailing the thread or offensive.

  5. Re-Opening Threads: Once a thread is closed, it will no longer be re-opened.

Founded in 2004, became one of the first online communities dedicated to Valve’s Source engine development. It is more famously known for the formation of Black Mesa: Source under the 'Leakfree Modification Team' handle in September 2004.