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Hi! Please, help! How to make in this place?

You can pick one of the barels, carry it above the beam, step on it and jump over the beam.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I just jumped right over it. I jumped over all of it.

What do I do after the second Garg? (the first one on ST) I killed it and have been trying to figure out where to go for 10 minutes.

Run to the end and climb the tower in middle of open yard.

Im stuck here. The red dot on the monitor doesn’t do anything. What am I supposed to do?

Try pressing the “fire” button on the screen. :slight_smile:

I did. Ive been left clicking, right clicking, e pressing and nothing seems to fire it >.<

I’m on the tower, and I know how to fire it, but I can’t find anyway to advance.

How do you fire?

you could always…radio (tower) for help

Ok so I’ve reached the armoury, got all the goodies and killed a bunch of soldiers that come from helicopters.

I found some sort of rocket launcher that has to be manually reloaded, am I meant to fire this at something? I’m honestly stuck and don’t know how to progress.

Many thanks for my incompetence!

Edit: don’t worry figured it out!

For those stuck at the second Garg(big blue monster) here is a short walk through.

  1. After you run out of the tunnel head straight up the ladder on the first silo/tower.
  2. There you will find a radio, a dead solider and an airstrike aiming system.
  3. Now this is where the game is kinda glichy. Unlike previous things you can interact with you don’t use the “use” key “default E” to fire. You use the “fire” key “default mouse 1”
  4. Point you crosshair at the monster on the screen and click mouse 1
  5. This is kind of hard to see, but there is a transparent “fire” button on the bottom of the screen. Aim and fire at it. This should call down an airstrike.
  6. After the airstrike kills the monster, aim at the radio antenna in front the aiming system and fire a new strike.
  7. This should make the mast collapse. Run across it and progress.

Hope this helps guys. That aiming system needs more work. It’s almost impossible to see the “fire” button and the aiming is really buggy

I am having a problem where the red dot does not even show up. I hover over the screen, my cross hair goes away but there is nothing moving on the screen and I can not click anything sometimes the target dot appears for a brief frame, but otherwise i am unable to do anything or interact.

The same happens to me. Can’t even aim at the guy… Guess it’s a bug. Hope that I can bypass it somehow.

Anyone else find the part with the osprey infuriatingly impossible? Lurking in the back to pick off marines is utterly useless since they never stop respawning from the osprey, and trying to knock out the osprey is useless since you get a faceful of death from said marines within 7 seconds (yes I counted) of showing your face.

EDIT! Either I hit a weak spot and got lucky, or I’d reloaded so damn many times that a glitch caused the thing to only need two rockets to take it down (when before i’d landed as much as six without it so much as smoking).

^exactly this. I’m right now there and I have to say that this is really a let-down in level design. Sorry Devs, everything else is really well and every fight was fair (yes, even the assassins or the one with the tank where you get out of the sewer holes), but once you go to that place, it really gets annoying. In front of you are 2 vorts which will attack you on sight. If you stay back, they won’t go away, but wait there until the scripted osprey scene gets played. Then you rush out of the floor to hide and get your face full of metal. Otherwise, when you rush as you see the vorts and kill them, you aren’t able to deal with the Marines. So regardless how you decide, you will either die at once or the Vorts suck so much health that you aren’t able to deal with the Marines nor to say the Osprey. It gets so frustrating after a while and I think we can all agree that infinite respawning is out since COD.

it is infuriatingly impossible on Normal - i can only imagine how would it be on Hard :confused: I die before i even see the damn chopper.

But at the same time this place is the most fun i had the whole game - please dont change it as some ppl suggest!

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