Stuck in Surface Tension Garage

I’m playing the latest version of BM on Steam - the completed one (March 2020). It’s uncommon for me ever to get stuck but I am. I’m in “Surface Tension” probably close to the end. I have crawled through a red-lit ventilation duct where there were a lot of annoying little bugs that munch away your health but finished them off with the Hive Glove. A bit farther on you hear voices and suddenly the floor of the duct falls out and you find yourself in a garage with some vehicles on hoists and a bunch of very hostile marines. I finish off the hostiles and help myself to the health booster on the far wall, then discover after much examination there is no way out. I seem to recall in the incomplete release (maybe a year ago) when you wax the last marine there is an explosion which blows out a big window other side of the row of hoists. You then worked the hoists and jumped on the vehicles to hop up on some boxes on a shelf and then out the window. This time, the windows is unbtoken and can’t be broken even with the RPG.

Quite a few things were changed for this final release so maybe there’s a different escape route. If anyone has found it, I’d appreciate knowing.

No sooner did I post my first note than I discovered what to do and I’m out. Apologies if I wasted anyone’s time.

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