SPAM has gotten rediculous

6 new spam pages and still counting. You must finally find a solution to this.

We’re aware of the spam, we’re doing everything we can to fix it. You see it, but imagine the work we have to do to get rid of it.

Hubi’s working with the board software designers to come up with a solution to stop them, and in the meantime the moderators and developers are working overtime to keep the boards clear. I had to manually delete 600 spam threads this morning. We’re doing our best. Literally every day I’ve been logging onto the forums every 20 minutes and clearing out the spam. While I’m at work at my real job. And it’s not enough.

Would a “delete by user” button for the moderators work?

You know, where you’d just select a user, and all of their posts are immediately deleted along with their ban.

Of course it would. The old system had that, I assume something similar will be created for this one.

How did the previous iteration of the forums avoid having this problem?

It didn’t. The swarm of new spam bots just happened to come in at roughly the same time as the forum switch. We were having some spam issues right at the end of the old forum’s lifespan too.

Board Administrators should already be able to do that kind of stuff. At least on any board software im aware of.

Thank you for the concern. The moderators and administrators are very well aware of this issue and are working hard to make this forum spam free.

Closing this thread now.

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