Show off your EVERYTHING

Post all kinds of stuff you’ve made.

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I love the Mech model. :jizz:

Pretty much everything worthwhile I’ve done is collected here and here, check 'em out.

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Game coming September 14th.

Extended 5760x1080 -

Black Mesa Logo
Brushes which i don’t remeber
Few stock photos for corner effects.
C4D From SignatureLABS Resource Pack 4

This work is licensed under a © Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

I practice drawing in ms paint right now, but that’s just about all I do. I’d be ashamed to put it up near these works of art.

Pyromesa HD wallpaper.

Resolution: 1920x1080
Created entirely from scratch; no external resources used.

Oh man, this wallpaper is awesome :smiley: Don’t suppose you could crop it to 1920x1080 though? I don’t have PS on my computer atm and I’m too lazy to download Gimp >.>

Ugh, not sure if to post the modding worklogs again, for now I´ll just post completed pics of each project, each picture has the link underneath to it´s worklog on my website which also contains a gallery of picture of the finished project. (This last one is f**d in the website, the english translation doesnt come up but you can still see it for picks).

And my two in progress projects that are not posted on my site as I only post finished stuff there but I leave with links where the worklog or picks of it are posted:

And that´s it for now. For more pictures in general, be them for random bits, projects while they where in process and a lot of other stuff you can visit my deviantart:

My officialy website is but as I said I only keep finished stuff there, it´s mostly just a portofolio.

Hope you like : )

Others are posting wallpapers, so I’ll post mine as well.

They are made to look as if your computer is a company computer of Black Mesa, and therefore all have the same look. They are simple black & white walls with the logo and some text. There is one for each “sector” of Black Mesa.

imgur album

Example of my own desktop:

Just go thru DeviantART Site, forgot to add it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the triple screen version! :smiley:

Here’s a GI Joe accessory I repainted into appropriate colors and modified so it looked a little more familiar

And a Customized Vintage Toy Helicopter I did

That’s a nice Elefant… I remember seeing it a while back in the old thread so props for making that.

Jeanno zomg teach me master.

Geez, I feel inadequate next to all this great stuff.

just took the python sound from a game call AVA to replace it for Black Mesa. Won’t be using it for my recorded playthrough though.

new track dawgz

Just wanted to say, Black Mesa works wonderfully in SFM.

Expect some animations in the near future!

if anyone is into photography, look at mine and let me know what you think :]

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