Remastering Xen for "The Orange Suit Project"

For Episode Three, we plan to delve into the depths of Xen once again. This time, you can see all new types of flora and fauna.

Our modelers and artists have been hard at work making new types of plants and textures to enhance the Xen experience. Here are some examples:

This plant we call the Hkar’Ar. It is a custom plant specifically made for this mod. It resides in the dark and damp caverns of Xen and beats like a heart.

Returning to the mix is the Light Plant, which has been remodeled to hold up to today’s graphical standards.

This is the Violet Crystal. This enemy has not been seen in a Half-Life game since the very first. It shoots lasers from it’s hanging bulb below. Watch out for it!

This is a remastered texture from the original Half-Life 1 game. After reprocessing it using some questionable ethics, we have made it the most revolting thing you have ever seen.

Right now, although we have lots to show for the development of Xen, we are also very hard at work on both the arctic and Combine sections of the game. Currently, we plan to release sometime in 2018, though that might change.

Some bonus info: We work simultaneously on multiple maps, so it is hard to show perfected designs of those. Please keep in mind that maps are underway and we have more than just models and textures.

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