Quite possibly the greatist film of all time. Figured Hubicorn would be all over this, its by Laser Unicorns

I don’t know how I missed this, something like this doesnt come around too often. I lucked out by stumbling on to a 3 second clip, I HAD to find out what the movie was called, to my surprise and ENJOYMENT. Its free on steam. Its only 30 minutes long and well worth your time. It has over 17,000 positive reviews and only 291 neg reviews. ITS THAT GOOD. Here is the trailer, the movie is called “KUNG FURY”.

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What… whut… lol! WHAT is this!? HAHAHA!!!
Ok the last time I saw something so bizzare had to be for an 80’s b movie. But that was great! Ok but I have to ask, why would you say Hubi would be all over this?

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Only reason I mentioned Hubi, was because of all the Unicorn references they use in the film and their production name of Laser Unicorns. Something about this movie though, you know how a lot of movies show the best parts in commercials or trailers. This one is the complete opposite, the best parts of this movie are nowhere near the trailers. From start to finish the movie is Laugh out Loud, to the point my stomach hurt.

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Anyone seen this https://film.avclub.com/a-sci-fi-film-that-has-it-all-outer-space-european-en-1839946172

I’m all over it! :slight_smile:

I hope you watch it, its well worth the 30 min.

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