Power pit (Work in progress)

Power up + Blast pit = Power pit[/size]
Hello everyone![/size]

I would like to present to you my first project for Black Mesa Singleplayer - Power pit

You need to launch a rocket with a satellite. For this, it is necessary to supply fuel, energy, oxygen to the rocket. You can launch a missile in the center of missile launch. You can get there only with the help of a scientist. You have to find a scientist and protect from monsters, soldiers and other machine guns. To help you come guard and together fighting off all the enemies and including oxygen and fuel, you must deliver the scientist to the launching center of missiles.

I attach a few screenshots. Early alpha, work in progress.See you :wink: [/size]

Upload or insert screenshots failed so that the reference to imgur[/size]


Page on moddb[/size] [/size]


What did you mean?


No good deed goes un-updooted.

new screenshots! (WIP)

It’s look nice


Hello. The screenshots will be mostly from the Hammer due to lack of lighting.

That’s all. Because of the work of the time noticeably decreased, but I will continue to make a mod and share news!

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